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Why I Won’t Describe Foods As Healthy Anymore

Everything in today’s world has been revolutionized in every matter, like technologies that are used to make things, methods, and processes. Everyone has less time and is on the go. To make things easy and fast plus cost-effective, the ways that are used to obtain the raw material has also been changed and improved, ensuring that everything must take less time to get ready.

There is no doubt that advancement has highly facilitated human beings in every way possible, but everything that comes with advantages also has its consequences. Sometimes these consequences are dire, irreversible, and cause problems that cost people their lives.

Food traditions have been changed with the passage of time and food industry is going fast like any other industry in the world without pausing and checking that is what they are doing or making even worth eating or not. Food packaging is done to save it from contamination, but the material used to pack and store food are non-health friendly, which in turn cause more medical concerns.

The food we eat now is not even food.

Meet the needs:

With time population has increased immensely and to meet the needs of people, companies have started producing products in higher quantities that automatically leads to; Food quality falls greatly when dealing with higher quantities because the raw material used to make food is not fully processed.

Hygienically unfit food is produced. The focus remains on the time and efforts on the quantity of the food instead of, is the utensils clean, are the products used healthy and washed adequately, are people following the standards of cooking place or not. Contamination is a significant issue because of the more number of people working on the unit.


It is really an issue that needs proper consideration and measures to control it; in fact, completely cut the cause to save our younger generations from the fatal effects. The rate at which material for food gets ready is slower than the rate it is being used due to which these unfit ways are introduced and used in place, that is wrong but what else is there to do.

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You have to believe and hear what is being said next.

The food you eat is not even food in the first place.

Demand and Supply:

Artificial means have been used to fill the gap of demand and supply chain of the products used to make food and the food needed to be produced. Livestock used for meat and dairy items needs time to grow and get ready to be butchered for further use.  Unable to maintain the chain meat has been produced by inapt improper ways that are unfit for the animals and the humans as well.

Curse of Fillers:

Fillers are additives that increase the weight of the food by unnatural means. It lowers the cost of the meat and is widely used in processed meat.

Cellulose: This natural component is found in many plants. It makes food no-calorie. The cellulose used in food other than organic is derived from the wood that a human body cannot digest. It is used in the processed food items in a greater quantity that is harmful.

Soy: It is found to be used as a filler in so many food items like frozen yogurt to ground beef. It reduces the quality of food drastically, and the presence of phytic acid is an anti-nutrient that steals all the necessary minerals and vitamins from the body.


This fat substitute carries bigger molecules that are not digestible by the human body. It constitutes zero calories when consumed. It strives body of critical nutrients such as lycopene and beta-carotene.

There are numerous such fillers that increase the weight but decrease the quality of food by 100% and cause fatal deficiencies and diseases.

It is unavoidable to look at the destruction caused by the packaging material used for packing food items to sell.

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Plastic Problem:

Plastic has been the most popular material, and it is still widely used for packing food throughout the world. There are many small molecules present in the plastic that is free to migrate from plastic to the food.

Polycarbonate: It is used to make food storage containers. The harmful chemical bisphenol (BPA) is released that causes consequential medical issues.

PVC: It is considered the safest form of plastic to use for packing food items.PVC itself is really hard that it is used to make drains and pipes for guttering, but extra chemicals are added in it to make it softer and flexible, that is called plasticizers and sometimes epoxidized soybean oil (ESBO), and phthalates are also used as a plasticizer. These are responsible for causing infertility, obesity, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Custom food packaging solutions are now providing eco-friendly, biodegradable and health-friendly material for food packagings like Kraft paper boxes, chipboard, and paperboard that are made from the wood with the least chemicals used in the manufacturing process. With increased awareness about the disadvantages of these harmful materials, people are diverting towards the health-friendly packaging.

It is a matter of grave concern that is ruining the whole new generation. The food and environment have not been the same as it was a decade ago. The food was mostly organic and pure, fresh, and free of any harmful chemicals. The environment was pure and clean from the pollution that had a pleasant effect on animals and plantation. Such factors collectively affect the quality of food that we eat and consume.

These effects are life-taking and contributing to the increasing rate of new diseases emerging every day. It has been a more significant challenge for the whole of humanity, including the consumers on the first hand and then the producers, health experts, and companies that produce such unhealthy material without any accountability.

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