Why Foreigners Visit India for Heart Transplant Surgery?
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Why Foreigners Visit India for Heart Transplant Surgery?

Organ transplants are highly prevalent in India. The country acquires the second position in performing the maximum number of kidney and liver transplants across the globe. Over the past decade, it has become the first choice for heart and lung transplants too. The reason is not one but many. 

In the initial stages of the heart transplants, the donated hearts from deceased donors were higher than the actual demand. The result was an added benefit to medical tourists. But, successful results led to an increasing demand for heart transplants by foreigners. 

Soon, India will rank amongst the top countries for performing a maximum number of lung and heart transplant; like the kidney transplant.

What Attracts Foreigners for Heart Transplant Surgery in India?

Patients from all over the world visit India to accomplish their healthcare requirements. Talking specifically about heart transplantation, the number of patients is increasing with each passing year. It is because of the following reasons:

  • Availability of Surgeons:

India has the largest pool of the top & the best cardiologists. These doctors have years of experience in performing successful surgeries. The success rate for Heart Transplant Surgery in India is as high as 75 %. This percentage is very high in comparison to the success rates in any other country in the world.

  • Advanced Facilities:

The surgeon requires innovative equipment and the latest science to give the desired outcome. All the superior facilities for complex heart surgeries are available in best cardiology centres and multispeciality hospitals in India. The use of modern techniques reduces the chances of failure of the operation to a great extent.

  • Easy Appointment:
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In most of the countries, it is difficult to get an appointment with your choice of a cardiac surgeon. However, this is not the case in India. The reason for the same is efficiently working medical tourism companies in the country. The team of top healthcare tourism companies help you to get an easy appointment with best cardiologists. You can acquire immediate treatment after the consultation.

  • Great Hospitality:

Be it an airport, hospital, hotel or transport facility; you will always prefer to avail the best services. People in India are amicable and are ready to guide you whenever & wherever required. Although, you may not even need much assistance as someone from the team of medical tourism company will always be around you. Each visitor gets personalised attention on hiring top healthcare assistants in India.

  • Price of the Treatment:

Talking practically, not everyone can afford the cost of heart transplantation. It is because heart transplant surgery is one of the most expensive medical treatments, especially in developed countries like the US. In comparison to any other country, The Cost of Heart Transplant Surgery in India is almost half. It is one of the main reasons that attract foreigners for the treatment here. 

Final Words:

In Short, India stands tall through all the expectations of a medical tourist. It is because life is the most significant concern for the top surgeons and hospitals over anything else. You may come across numerous issues in a foreign country, but when it is about treatment in India, you will feel at home. You will never face any difficulty and avail all types of benefits.

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