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Why Car Insurance Online Renewal Is the Way to Go?

When it comes to transportation in India, a bike or a two wheeler is one of the common modes of transportation in India. In fact, you can see many bikes in a family. You should know that two wheelers are vulnerable to damages during accidents as compared to cars and other vehicles. Thus, purchasing a two wheeler insurance and its timely renewal is one of the major things to take care of. Nonetheless, with e-commerce spreading its wings, you can also renew your policy online and avail many advantages. Thus, if you plan to purchase a bike in the future, it is mandatory by law to have either a third-party or comprehensive insurance policy.

Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of the car insurance online renewal:

1.No Claim Bonus Claim

NCB is the discounts offered by insurance companies on the premium amount if you have not made any claim even once after subscribing to a policy and its tenor. You can get the discounts between 20-50% for NCB redemption and pay less for premium renewals.

2.Online renewal facility

The online two wheeler insurance policy is a convenient process and is a time-saving process. Yes, when you go ahead and start renewing your online car insurance policies, you save time, effort and energy of going to a physical insurance agent. All insurance agencies may have a bit different process for an online renewal. Some of the basic steps that you need to follow are:

  • Visit the official website of your respective insurance company
  • Provide details such as vehicle registration number and policy number
  • Click on the renewal button
  • You can also include adding some riders if you wish to include and then click on the submit button
  • Make the required payment and then you will receive the online renewal acknowledge receipt

3.Security in case of natural/man-made tragedy

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You should also know that the renewal of the two wheeler insurance is a guarantee that you get coverage for all legal proceeding. If your bike gets involved in any legal hassles concerning your bike involved in road accidents and damage done to a third party, property or person, you can avail the same in an online policy facility.

4.Add-on covers

Doing online car insurance also means that you get the freedom to select a rider of your desired amount when you renew your policy. Thus, while renewing the policy online, you can see all the riders and avoid missing any which may be beneficial for you. Leading car insurance agencies such as Bajaj car insurance lets you select add-on covers. You can add following add-on covers online such as:

  • Accessories loss  
  • Personal accident cover for unarmed hirers or pillion riders
  • Zero depreciation cover

5.Updating the policy term is super easy

You get the advantage of changing the term of the policy during the online car insurance renewal. As a result, you can renew the policy for 1, 2 or 3 years. The concept is – the longer is your insurance policy duration, the higher will be your number of discounts and benefits.

6.Peace of mind

When you can renew the car insurance policy online as per your convenience, you also get the freedom of enjoying a sense of peacefulness and peace. It also safeguards during a police inspection and also keeps you covered when injured.

The Bottom Line

As you now know the advantages of buying the car insurance online, even you should try to get an online renewal of the car insurance policy in place. Good luck!

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