What would be the best birthday gift below Rs. 1000

Buying birthday gifts do not mean that you have to go overboard and splurge like anything. A birthday gift is the sweetest and cutest feel that you can share with your near ones. It is beyond any price tag rather it is filled with lots of love and care. Now it is time to know that there are oodles of gifts that you can buy within your budget, but at the same time, you can keep the happy quotient intact with the gift.

Led Bottle lamp:

Do you have the birthday of your sweetheart next week? Then are you still puzzled which gift to buy for her? Again you have to remind yourself regarding the budget also. this is because you are not actually ready to spend more than 1000 bucks. But don’t worry about the gift you have picked is a glass lamp. Honestly, the concept is unique. This is a simple glass bottle and you have the led light installed inside it. Honestly, it is going to make the occasion very much special. Most importantly, it will create that romantic spark in both of your heart.

Teddy bear:

A birthday gift and a teddy bear as a gift has a strong relationship. Therefore, to surprise your little niece you decided to bring a huge teddy bear for her. She loves teddies and you have always adored her amazing collection of teddies. That is why without spending any more time on thinking you simply picked a teddy of blue color, which is her all the time favorite color. As you have brought this for your niece so you checked the material that whether it is anti-allergic or not. Additionally, it is non- toxic in nature and the inner filling is very soft so that a small kid can easily play with it.

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Blue heart pendant:

Can you think of bestowing a cool-looking pendant upon your near one? If yes then you can consider a blue pendant in a heart shape. The color is itself quite enriching and on the top of that, the material is quite eye-catching. This is because it is a crystal made of rhinestone, which gives a dazzling shine to the pendant. Most amazing is the addition of the white color crystals embossed surrounding the heart-shaped pendant. One more thing is that the pendant is friendly for skin because it is free of lead and nickel. The best is the shine that the pendant gives because of the white gold plated finish.

Designer analog wristwatch:

A good looking watch always redefines your personality. So does happen when you buy a trendy looking analog watch for your best friend’s birthday. Most importantly, you thought that this time you should present her a trendy big dial watch so that she can pair the same with western outfits. The watch has a cool appeal with a white dial and a black colored belt. You are determined that the moment your friend will put on she will look so superb and confident in that. But whenever you buy such a gift just do make sure that you should get the same from a branded company.

Organiser with pen:

Office professionals have a liking for organizers and pen. And you are aware of that very well. Therefore this year on your friend’s birthday you thought to gift him an organiser with a pen. Now you had already made your mind that you are not going to spend exorbitantly. So you decided a ceiling that was Rs 1000 and by luck, you got this one which is within 1000 rs. The best is that it is a complete gift. This is because of the elegant look of the organiser which is in brown color. On top of that, the pen along with it is from the brand, Pierre Cardin. As you know that your friend has a passion for a good quality pen so the presence of this fine quality pointed pen in blue color will fulfill his wish.

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Bluetooth speaker:

For quite some time you have been searching for a budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker. Now the reason for this is that you wanted to gift that to your only sister as her birthday is knocking. She loves to listen to good music number so this gift is just the right one to match her taste. Talking about the Bluetooth speaker that you selected for her is from a reputed brand. On top of that, the built-in speaker allows you to respond to call with ease. In addition to that, it is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery, on the top of that the micro sd card feature is superb. It is easily portable and comes with an FM radio. But above all, the noise cancel is the ultimate feature that makes it a worthy birthday gift.

Thus, these are some of the best birthday gifts that you can buy within rs 1000.


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