How the Website Appearance Impact The Customers and Clients?

Web design is the important element of any strategy of Internet marketing. It gives a huge impact on the experience of digital customers in different ways. The website’s usability, aesthetics or any other factor is essential to the success of the company.

How does it impact the bottom line?

Let’s take a look at five essential aspects of web design and also how it improves everything.


The most important aspect is the appearance of the website. Only you choose that how your website looks or you may also think to hire the best web development Company in Delhi like HubDigiTech for designing your website. Most often, you might have heard the experts talking about web designing in two extremes that is:

  • Older sites that look like they are created in the year 1996.
  • Sleek and modern websites that have the standards of today’s world.

Most of the sites fall into these two categories but they also represent the opposite end of a spectrum. You can also create the website somewhere in the middle that will also look attractive. Regardless of what the website will look like, your target is to have it up to date and current with the modern design. Some of the modern designs trends include:

  • Responsive design
  • Big and bold fonts
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Multimedia like images and videos
  • Eye-catching images of hero


This is the impression that you make on the website’s visitor before they start reading the content. While someone will take a look at your site, you might want to make them understand that you have a respectable and modern business. The impression is based on the web design that how it will represent you. This is done by many professional web development services in Delhi like HubDigiTech.

Some of the elements of web design include:

  • Staff photos
  • A page of culture
  • Results for customer


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This means to design your website in such a way from which the visitors can find whatever they are looking for quickly. This also means improving navigation. Familiar and intuitive navigation style allow visitors to find the information they want.

Today, navigation comes in many well-known styles:

  • Drop-down menu
  • Breadcrumb

Loading Time

The time of loading refers to how long a person has to wait for your website to display on their screen. It is the major factor while talking about Google ranking and it becomes vital to the online success as most of the consumers use internet on smartphones.

So how can you decrease loading time?

  • Remove auto-play multimedia.
  • Optimize the size of images.
  • Use white spaces.


This is also the most important factor of web design as many web development services in Delhi use this method. Your business won’t succeed online without these. Web design impact conversion in different ways and these three are more important:

  • KISS principle
  • Color
  • Faces

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