Ultimate Netgear AC1200 Dual Band Range Extender Setup Guide

Ultimate Netgear AC1200 Dual Band Range Extender Setup Guide

Ultimate Netgear AC1200 Dual Band Range Extender Setup Guide

The Netgear AC1200 Dual-band WiFi range extender helps to boost the speed of existing WiFi range to far corners of the house by delivering dual-band WiFi/ internet. Moreover, you can also use Mywifiext.net new extender setup as a WiFi access point and create a new hotspot by using a safe and secure wired Ethernet connection.

Use the Range Extender in Extender Mode

Place your device in a neat, clean, dry and open place and after that, connect it to your WiFi network.

Note: You can also use the Netgear AC1200 as a WiFi access point and create a new WiFi hotspot making use of a wired Ethernet connection

Place the Range Extender and Apply the Power

  • Place your range expander (extender) and main router in the same room.
  • Plug the wireless repeater (extender) into an electric wall socket and wait for the LED light on it turn to solid green.

Note: If the light doesn’t blink or becomes solid, then push the power button once.

Connect to an Existing WiFi Network/ Internet

In order to extend the range of your existing WiFi network, then remember that you are supposed to connect the Netgear device with the main/ existing WiFi network.

Connect with WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup)

WPS lets you join a secure WiFi network without typing the network name (SSID) and security key (password).

In order to use WPS to connect the Netgear AC1200 to your main WiFi router:

  • Press the WPS button that is situated on the side panel of your device.
  • When the WPS LED blinks press the WPS button on your access point or the router within couple of minutes.
  • If your main router supports 5GHz band then repeat Steps 1 and 2 to connect your Netgear device to the 5GHz band.
  • Now, find the new extender network name (SSID) on your computer or laptop and unplug the extender and move it to a new location closer dead zones and blind spots.
  • After that, plug the extender into a wall socket and wait for the Power LED to illuminate solid or amber green.

If you fail going through the above-mentioned steps on how to setup Netgear extender then feel free to call the service provider of Netgear at toll-free number 1-888-674-6890.

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Connect with Web Browser Setup

You can use a relevant web browser to log in to the extender, set up its WiFi connection and to access www.mywifiext.net smart wizard.

To use a web/ internet browser to connect the extender to your main router:

  • Use a WiFi network manager on a computer or laptop.
  • Once the connection with the computer or laptop has been established, the Device Link LED lights up.
  • Launch web browser and enter mywifiext.net in the address bar field.
  • When the extender setup page displays hit on the new extender setup button.
  • Now, complete the fields on displayed Create Account page.
  • Once done, click on next.
  • Next, select your region or country from the Regional Setting menu (when prompt) and hit the next button.
  • Hit on the WiFi range extender button.
  • Select a WiFi network that you wish to extend. Once done, click on next.
  • After that, in the password field, type the existing WiFi network password and click on next.
  • Set the SSID and passphrase for your new extender WiFi network. Once done, click on next.
  • Now, click on continue and when a message displays confirming that the extender is connected properly to the new extended WiFi network click on next.
  • When the registration page displays complete the registration fields and click on Finish.

Well Done! The range extender is connected to the existing router’s WiFi network.

Use the Extender as an Access Point Mode

You can use Netgear range extender as a WiFi access point that helps in creating a new WiFi hotspot using a wired Ethernet connection.

So, if you wanna use the range extender in an access point mode:

  • Plug your WiFi booster (extender) into damage-free wall socket.
  • Wait for couple of minutes for the LED light to illuminate solid green. If it doesn’t, hit the On/Off button.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the Ethernet port on the Netgear device to the router Ethernet LAN port.
  • Use a WiFi network manager on a computer or laptop to find and connect to the extender WiFi network.
  • Now, launch a web browser and type the default IP address of your extender into the URL bar field.
  • When the new extender setup page displays click on new extender setup button.
  • Next, complete the fields on create account page and click on next.
  • Here, you have to select your country or region from the regional settings menu and after that, click on next.
  • Click on access point. The extender will automatically check for an active internet connection.
  • After that, set the network name, security option, and password (when prompt) and click on next.

Good Job! Your settings are applied and the range extender is ready to use as an access point mode.

  • Use a WiFi network manager on the computer and connect it to the new access point.
  • Click on continue. A page will display that says you created an access point successfully.
  • Click on next. You will see that the registration page has been displayed.
  • Finally, complete the registration fields and click on finish to complete the setup process.

If you need more assistance on how to setup a Netgear WiFi extender then reach us simply by dropping your queries below.

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