Trending Libraries to make the best out of React js
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Trending Libraries to make the best out of React js

React js is amongst the most popular libraries used for frontend development. Launched back in 2011 by facebook, this javascript library has powered numerous web applications. And with time its popularity curve has been in a constant rise leaving behind all its major competitors. The major reason behind this is the unlimited flexibility and ease of use provided by React js.

React js is one of the most useful and unique libraries out there. This language also has an easy learning curve and the codes written in it are reusable as well. Moreover, It can be integrated with numerous other technologies to induce endless functionalities. This makes react js one of the most flexible and expandable library in javascript.

Top Trending Libraries in React js

Using the available libraries that let you use other technologies along with React js can enable you to create faster and efficient web applications. This also helps you in making your products function rich with ease. Below is a list of few popular React js libraries that you can use to create unique products.


Redux is one of the most useful libraries one can use along with React js. This helps its users in managing the data displayed in your application. Further, Redux can also aid you in controlling the responses directed toward the user’s actions. This framework is a must adapt to developing web applications using React js that would scale up at an exponential rate.

Further, the reason behind Redux’s capability to make management easier goes to its uni-directional flow. As with a unidirectional flow, a change in state will automatically update the view making it easier for developers to make changes in the application and manage it better.

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ANT Design is one of the best libraries for product designers. Created and maintained by the ANT UED team, this library can enable designers to create simplistic UIs for React.js application. This design system is loaded with a number of UI components which makes frontend designing easier for frontend developers.

When used in combination with React js, the development process becomes more efficient and quicker. With lightweight React js enabling developers to induce functionality along with ANTD making it easier for them to create designs. ANTD+React js is a perfect combination for creating efficient web apps quickly. If you are not much familiar with the ANTD library used in React js, you can hire a React.js developer to create interactive designs for your web application.


Blueprint is yet another library that contains reusable UI components. Initially, it was built as a library for catering to desktop solutions, but due to its versatility, it was later modified to be used for web applications as well.

Blueprint’s UI components are not only limited to React js it can also be used along with Angular, Vue and other javascript libraries as well. This makes it one of the most useful libraries for developers to work with.

Gatsby js

Gatsby js is a very popular library used by developers to create web applications in both React js and GraphQL. Using this can make the development process of web application blazing fast and easier for developers. Using Gatsby for a web application will enable it to load data faster with the help of plugins. This results in improved performance of websites that have been created using Gatsby js

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React js can aid in creating amazing websites. And incorporating external libraries along with it can give your web application a significant boost by improving its performance. Hence, making external libraries a basic requirement to make efficient web applications using React js


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