Tokyo 2020 Olympics
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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: With one year to go what are the key stories to watch?

In terms of both performances and controversy, Rio 2016 was arguably the most incident-packed and newsworthy Games in living memory. So how will Tokyo 2020 compare?

Pressure on Team GB

Not since 1996 in Atlanta has Team GB failed to win more medals than the previous Games. The remarkable second-place finish in the medal table at Rio 2016 firmly established Great Britain as a true sporting superpower. So the big question in Tokyo will be whether continuing such success is sustainable, or whether it is time for a correction after an era of over-performance.

Despite a haul of 67 medals in Rio, funding agency UK Sport has upped its target range to 54-92 for Tokyo and hopes to send the country’s biggest ever team to an overseas Games. It is also bullish about the prospects of success, insisting current performances are matching those recorded a year out from Rio 2016.

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