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Tips to Ensure That You Buy Authentic Artworks of Your Favourite Painters

Art lovers and art collectors sincerely understand and appreciate the value of art. They are ready to pay huge money for authentic artworks. But the lure of money motivates people to sell fake art in the guise of original paintings and fool novice art collectors. Some fake paintings are so convincing that they enter the most reputed art galleries and auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby. 

While most of us doubt about things that are cheap and tend to verify their authenticity, we are a bit overconfident when it comes to expensive things. We have a mindset that anything expensive is original and is easily fooled by people selling fake commodities. And the same applies to buy paintings at art galleries and auction houses. 

Here are some tips to help you differentiate between fake and authentic art pieces. Follow these tips while buying the expensive Jerusalem painting that you have set your eyes on or the traditional Torah or Hebrew painting. 

Research Before You Buy

If you are an art lover, you would want to invest your hard-earned money on the original works of famous artists. Most probably, you will shortlist the artist to buy before you go to the gallery or the auction. It is advisable to read and research about the artist you intend to buy. Check the artworks of the artist and pay attention to the unique style of the artist. Every artist will have his/her unique style. Educate yourself about the trademark style of the artist. When you go to purchase the painting, inspect the artwork closely. Determine whether the painting is fit enough to be original work done by the artist. If you notice any discrepancies in the style or if there are any surprise elements, the artwork is most probably a duplicate or a normal painting being passed off as done by a popular artist. 

While inspecting an artwork, pay close attention to the signature of the artist. Check the style and placement of the signature. Every artist has a particular style of signing his art pieces. Check whether the signature on the artwork is consistent with the other works of the painter. It is interesting to note that some artists sign on the artwork with matching colors, some artists write the date of completion below the signature, while some others also mention the location. Observing the signature on the painting will help you to easily determine whether it is a genuine artwork or a fake one. 

Original Paintings Have a Charm

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No matter whether it is old or new, original paintings have a charm and depth. For example, if you are assessing an old Jerusalem painting it will have its unique type of layering, framing, and style. Moreover, check the depth of the painting. You must be able to see the different layerings in the painting easily. Pay close attention to these subtle signs that help you to determine the authenticity of the painting.

Get The Artwork Appraised By a Certified Appraiser

Do not take the risk of judging the authenticity of the painting yourself, if you are investing higher sums. Hire the services of a certified art appraiser to make sure that you are buying an original piece of art that is worth your hard-earned money. 

Insist for Authenticity Certificate

An authenticity certificate is a document that consists of the details about the artwork and proves that it is an original. When you are buying an artwork, insist on a certificate of authenticity. The certificate ensures that the origin of the painting is properly traced and it is a genuine piece of art. If the seller does not give you the authenticity certificate, it indicates that the painting is fake. 

Before you buy a painting, research about the artist, identify his unique style and make sure that the artwork is consistent with the artist’s style. Inspect the signature, check the layering and framing and ask for a certificate of authenticity. Following these simple tips will help you to make sure that you are not taken for a ride by the imposters. 


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