508 Compliance

The Details You Need to know for Making a Website 508 Compliant

When you have a website, you need to improve the performance of the website through various measures. To enhance the performance of the website, user experience and user interface are considered important. For user experience enhancement, different techniques or strategies can be implemented. For example, the content of the website can be optimized. The overall interface of the website may be turned into more user-friendly. Now, when it comes to creating a user-friendly web interface, we have to focus on two things. The first thing is the conventional idea of enhancing the appearance of the web interface. The second thing is to create a web interface in such a way so that it can become accessible by the people with disability.

People, having disability, also have the right access technology. This is why 508 compliance was introduced. What does this compliance all about? How does it work? You need to know a few crucial factors in this regard in the following section.

Who Needs to Be Compliant?

Any website owner can opt for the 508 compliance so that people with disability can visit the website and interpret or read website content. The website should be designed in such a way so that people with disability do not face any hassles in activities, like navigating website, purchasing goods on the website, leaving feedbacks and many more. This compliance is not mandatory, though for the federal institutions and agencies it is absolutely mandatory. For example, the following agencies or institutions can be named.

  • Federal funded nonprofit organizations
  • Any government agencies
  • Government institutions
  • K-12 institutions or schools
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Becoming 508 Compliant

In order to achieve Siteimprove 508 compliance, it is absolutely important to consult the experienced agency. With 508 compliance, a website becomes easier to be accessed for everyone, including the persons with disability. It is to be noted that the process is quite complicated. Thus, step by step organized approach should be there. For that reason, you can follow the basics below.

  • Find Your Goal: Why the accessibility of your website matters to yours? This is the question which you should ask yourself. You need to understand why 508 compliance matters to your website and how it could potentially help you.
  • Basics of 508 Compliance: Before implementing the guidelines of the 508 compliance, you need to know the basics. Understanding the basics is the most important aspect of enhancing the accessibility of the website. Until you understand the process, you would not be able to implement it in a systematic process.
  • Check out VPATs: You can use the software products or applications that will enhance the usability of your website. Working on usability means working on accessibility. Your website should have secured payment gateway, online forms, maps and many more.

Good accessibility is instrumental for any modern websites these days. It does not take huge expenditure to make the website compliant for the disable persons. You just have to follow a few basic guidelines, and you need to adopt a few technologies to ensure acquiring the best results.

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