The best pieces from the collection of Konstantino Jewelry

If you love to wear jewellery, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to discuss an exclusive collection of jewellery. The collection is that of Konstantino and is loved by all.

Konstantino jewellery is famous around the globe for its distinct design and craftsmanship. The jewellery is skillfully crafted in Athens, Greece and is made up of sterling silver. 

It includes different pieces of jewellery ranging from earrings, pendants, diamonds, bracelets and much more. All their pieces are statement-making. 

However, there are a few, which are our favourite.

Here are a few pieces of one of the best pieces from the collection of the Konstantino jewellery: 

Konstantino Kleos Aquamarine Cross Earrings: 

This beautifully crafted jewellery is fit for women who are stylish, bold and beautiful. Round cut aquamarine diamond that sits on the golden cross looks exceptionally charming and grabs the attention of people at once. 

Wear it to the evening parties, and you will be the star of the night. The stunning look and mesmerizing shine of the earrings will impress all your peers. You can easily purchase them online.

Sagittarius Carved Zodiac Pendant with Diamond:

One of the striking features of ornaments made in Greece is their use of motifs and pictures of Greek Gods etched on their jewellery. These oxidized silver earrings speak of Greek art and their power. The beautifully engraved Sagittarius woman in gold steals the show all at once. It sits incongruently on a silver base. 

The diamond placed on the leaves of the plants etched at corners of earrings adds to its beauty. Wear it to the parties or rock them casually; it will prove to be a stunner either way. This ornament is a must-have if you are a jewellery lover.

Konstantino Black Onyx Bracelet: 

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This artistically crafted bracelet is one of the best examples of Greek aesthetics. The Aspasia collection stands unique in its design. The black studs look majestic as they connect to each silver piece of the bracelet.

Moreover, the meticulous design on the silver portion of the bracelet is breathtaking, while tiny yellow dots are placed at the belt. You can find them in the centre as they enhance the look of the bracelet. You can wear them over a pair of jeans or team it up with a Bohemian dress. 

Konstantino Sterling Amethyst Diamond Wide Bracelet:

The Amethyst Diamond Wide bracelet is another remarkable piece of Konstantino jewellery. It is an Etruscan style bracelet and is set with cabochon amethysts. How mesmerizing does that sound?

Prong-set diamonds embedded on it add to the beauty of the bracelet. Traditional designs etched on the borders of the bracelet are strikingly beautiful. They are the best choice if you want to make a statement in the next social gathering you attend.

Konstantino Eleni necklace: 

The marvellous piece would prove to be an attention stealer in galas and parties. The unique feature of this neckpiece is that it is a two-sided pendant. Instead of the designs, Christogram is done on each side of the pendant that says, “Jesus Christ Conquerors.” 

This pendant is often used in protecting the Greeks from their enemies. You can wear it casually or to your workplace. It is fit for all casual occasions. Also, it holds spiritual importance to it.

So these were one of the best pieces of this magnificent jewellery. You can get your hands on it and flaunt it in the next gathering you will attend. We are sure you are going to make many heads turn and many hearts jealous.

Wait no more, and place your order for these mesmerizing and stunning pieces now!


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