The best office games and chairs, according to Polygon employees
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The best office games and chairs, according to Polygon employees

When the social distancing linked to the COVID-19 pandemic first led to an influx of people working from home, it also led to an influx of people who realized they didn’t have a single chair to go to. You can sit comfortably for hours.

Enter the gaming chair not so humble. These chairs are often slandered for their striking aesthetics and overall flamboyance and are calling us now. The promise of back and wrist support is too good to fail.

Take a look at some of their recommendations for the best office chairs and games below.

AutoFull Gaming Chair AF055PUW – Best Girl Gaming Chair

It is the perfect bunny game chair. There are free gifts in the box that include cute bunny ears, pink doilies, and fluffy bunny tails that can turn your chair into a bunny. It is made of high-quality materials, memory foam, and is wrapped with PU leather to ensure years of use.

The backrest and armrests are adjustable. The backrest can recline 155 degrees and the armrest has 7 height adjustment functions to keep you warm throughout the winter. It also has a headrest and a waist pad to improve your comfort. The Autofill Pink Gaming Chair is designed for people on a budget and weighs 56 pounds. If you want to add beauty to the game room, this cute game chair will help you achieve your goals. You can get it on


While gaming chairs tend to cause problems due to their striking looks, I couldn’t help but pick one two years ago.

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I had previously used a generic upholstered folding chair as my computer desk chair. Now that I spent at least eight hours a day in front of my computer, I needed to move on to something more essential.

While the Omega is available in different color options, especially in some animated looks for Overwatch fans, I loved that it was also available in a completely black design. Most gaming chairs are dressed in black, but many of them spoil a perfect design with unnecessarily distracting colored threads, logos, or accents.

The Secretlab Omega is the perfect chair for me because it is a combination of perfect aesthetics, reasonable prices, and adaptability. I love how easy it is to adjust the chair height, backrest angle, and overall chair tilt. It can even lie almost flat when I want to put my eyes on the chair. In a sea of ​​colorful gaming chairs that looks like you would find in a sports car.


I chose the Killabee massage chair, which is beautiful but also incredibly comfortable. The armrests are padded, the chair offers excellent back support and is equipped with a pleasant luxury: a USB-charged massage cushion.

This chair looks a bit silly and I wouldn’t put it on a desk but it is an excellent gaming chair in terms of comfort and price.


Dark Knight is comfortable, offers a large amount of support for the upper back, and is also equipped to support up to 400 pounds. It is durable and stands up to my long writing and reading routines. It really looks like a well-designed product without being so heavy that it is difficult to move or maneuver inside.

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The Dark Knight Gaming chair does not offer many luxuries, but it is a large and comfortable chair that can withstand daily stress.

So one day I thought: I could never help it: my office chair is literally where I spend most of the day. Why the earth wouldn’t you consider it extremely important?


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