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Tampa Bay Rays Highly to Nail a Playoff Spot in Near Future

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Tampa Bay Rays are playing the best yet season and with this their odds at nailing a playoff spot increases. Cheer on your favorite in their next game with Discount Rays Tickets being offered at Bbtix.

That’s right recently the odds been looking great and it’s probable they’ll nail a spot in near future. Surprisingly, the whole American League is doing great in playoff race even more so that National League. Bbtix also has these Discounted Rays Tickets, but the time is running out. Before they get out of sale get them now!

So far only Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves have locked a spot in playoffs. While at the other hand in the American League, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, and Minnesota Twins have locked their spots.

For now, Rays are in possession of a wild card needless to say their six-game winning streak has led them to a good spot. But one of the crucial pitfalls is Oakland Athletics only 0.5 games back. However, if they keep playing with caution this danger can be evaded.

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Tampa Bay Rays Playoff Odds

There are actually many websites then run bids on team’s odds to win playoffs. So obviously there are projections made in regards to Rays as well. By the way, what do you think? What are the odds of Tampa Bay Rays making into playoffs?

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This can only be considered after having watched their recent games. If you are looking for Rays Match Tickets, look no further. Just go to Bbtix and get your cheap tickets there.

So according to the FanGraphs, Rays have more or so 69.5% chances to make it into playoffs. With Indians at 84.1%, the two teams are the favorite contenders for wild cards. Athletics in this matter is far behind at 32.3% owing to the harsh schedule they have left.

Baseball Prospectus’s playoff odds are also almost the same with Rays at 83.1%, Indians 75.1%, and Athletics seemed more of a threat here at 39.8%. While Baseball Reference made them, a closer opponent placing Rays at 75.2%, Indians at 67.6%, and Athletics at 55.6%.

Let’s hope Rays have a much bigger impact on their opponents from here on. And to see how they are doing buy Cheapest Rays Tickets at Bbtix.com.


Rays basically have a pretty easy schedule up ahead, if they take advantage of the situation at hand who knows what great outcome can be theirs.

They had a good start putting in work and going 33-15 against teams below .500. But they need to continue this is they don’t want to have a missed opportunity.

Tampa Bay Rays Tickets is on sale now for their next games at Bbtix. Get them or you will also be left with a missed opportunity.


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