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Simple Mistakes in Custom Printing You Should Not Make

Printing is performed by every individual, and all the reasons related to it differ from each other. Therefore, in the world of business, individuals understand the importance of printing services; will be an excellent choice for establishing their brand. This is because, a good custom printing solution, will help in bringing in the aesthetic qualities of colors, images, fonts, and textures, which will instantly help in creating good brand recognition.

However, if you are new to the printing world, and do not carry a significant amount of knowledge, on how a printing service is a management, you will definitely make multiple errors along the way. Given below are several mistakes, which commonly occurs and you can avoid them, by having a clear understanding of each of them.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

Honestly, you will never find an excuse, when it comes to creating errors on spellings and grammars, in the area of printing. Through recent searches, it has come to notice that a simple spelling or a grammar mistake, can cut down the sales in half, and this is undoubtedly a big deal for all business owners. There are many individuals, who jot down all the important things, in the Microsoft Word and take the help of a spellchecker, to correct or the incorrect spellings.

The solution is not that effective, as there are some of the words, which are incorrect and go unnoticed by the spellchecker itself. That is why “proof-reading” exists and holds a great amount of importance. Before, you set it down for printing, make sure to carefully check the document thoroughly, and get to take the final step.

The Quality

In the field of printing, quality is quite often overlooked, in terms of budget. Therefore, there are many individuals who have the tendency, to print a document as quickly as possible, by reducing the quality in order to keep the price at a level average. This kind of method is nothing, but a big mistake. If you want to make your business stand out, with the help of custom printing services, it important to keep the quality of the document, at a much high level so that it can grab the attention of potential customers. However, the cost of the printing can be negotiated into an amount that is favorable for you, but, taking the help of low-quality printing will negatively affect your business.

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Leaving Behind the Bleed

In the world of printing, the technology of printing has enormously advanced, to a whole new level, and there are still some things, which causes mistakes to take place, and it is very much troublesome. Therefore, when you do not put in a good bleed, for your artwork you are definitely asking for trouble. The bleed is pointed towards the artwork, which extends beyond the boundaries, of a particular document, and hence, it does not mean you are bleeding when you’re injured. Its existence is very important and necessary, since the guillotines that will take on the role of slice and dice, it not that accurate. In order to avoid the issue completely expand the bleed by 3mm and the problem will be solved.

Text that is too small to Read

It is important to take the right steps, when you are designing your print, get to put a good amount of thought along the way, so the work appears good. There are many individuals, who happen to forget that the printed text, will become very difficult to read when you choose a font size that is too small. However, you need to keep in mind that, any font below 6 is not eligible for reading, and make sure to use font colors, which will help in enhancing the text, allow your customers to read. Keep in mind, the size of the font can make a big difference for your business.

No Consideration for Resolution

In order to make the printed work or document, be at its best appearance it is important, to have a good resolution for the image. Apparently, you cannot improve or enhance the look, of a specific image when it carries a low resolution, to begin with. That is why, in the field of custom printing it is compulsory for you to make, the right decision in the beginning, regarding the resolution of the image, before you take the step of printing. This will allow your design software to completely match, with the DPI requirements of your printer. One thing you need to keep in mind as a beginner is that to keep the normal resolution at 3000dpi, but with the product is large it can be lowered as well.

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Not be Careful in Terms of Ink Coverage

When you work with the digital design, with the help of the red-green-blue color levels, it is very important to ensure the color that you want comes out perfectly. When it comes to printing, you need to be very careful about the ink coverage, which you happen to put into the page. This is because, the paper is considered absorbing a specific amount of ink, and if you go way beyond its limits, there will be a series of cracking and bruising, on the paper that will initially damage the whole printing. If you wish to avoid this error, it is important to keep the ink coverage tolerance to 240 percent, and you can perform your printing with no issues.

Using Incorrect File Formats

When you perform the printing services, there is one thing you need to bring into your consideration, which is the file format. This is because, it’s an area where the majority of the printing mistakes happen to take place, and file formats like .gif and .png are required to be avoided completely, to print. These types of formats are only for the screen and are not designed to translate for printing processes. However, they can handle 72ppi but the PPI is required to be much higher for a printed file.

Perform Custom Printing Like a Professional!

The above-mentioned mistakes, which are most commonly caused by beginners, will give you a clear understanding of how it can affect your printing services. By following the information provided in this document, will allow you to perform the printing services, like an expert, and therefore, avoid these mistakes and error from occurring.


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