Experience Complete Peace Of Mind With An Organized Self-storage Unit
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Experience Complete Peace Of Mind With An Organized Self-storage Unit

Self-storage units come handy when you are moving soon or de-cluttering your home. At such times, your home or your business, need extra room to store your excessive items and extra pieces of equipment. This is the time when one needs to get a self-storage unit. Having a self-storage unit is not the end of the story. The most important part is to keep it organized. So when you again need those stored items, they all come out in the order you want. The bottom line is you should be easily able to access all your items, as and when required.

Topsy Packing Tips To Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Organized

Not only can self-store be a secure, cost-effective solution, it also gives you easy access to your items. With this in mind, these top packing tips will not only make your transition in to store smoother but also help you locate your items quickly and efficiently when the need arises.

Packing Tip 1: Place Heavyweight Items On The Bottom Of Self-Storage Unit

This is probably the most important self-storage tip. Stack your larger furniture items like sofas,  couches, tables, or desks at the bottom of your storage unit. This avoids squashing or damaging of the most delicate items whilst they are in the self-storage unit.

Packing Tip 2: Properly Label All Your Belongings

It is difficult to figure out what is stored in which box. And that too after months of storing items, you almost forget the boxes and items therein. To manage this situation, use a permanent marker pen and clearly mark proper labels on each of your boxes and cartons. Proper labels will help you identify and look for the items easily in each box, each carton and quickly locate those items when you visit your storage unit once ina while.

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Packing Tip 3: Prepare A List Of All Your Boxes, Item-Wise

A person cant be recognized if s/he has no name. Similarly, you cannot recognize your boxes unless you have a proper list. Prepare a perfect columnar list to ensure that you know in and out of all that is in your storage unit. A columnar list preparation is the ideal way is to make a list as you pack for storage and then put a cross-check this with another list as you start putting your items into the self-storage unit. This will not leave any room for you to wither forgot or misplace your valuables.

Packing Tip 4: Proper Arrangement And Balancing Of Packed Boxes

All heavy items boxes should be placed at the bottom and lightweight on the top. But while stacking other boxes, ensure that they are well balanced and well arranged. Check the size and weight of each and then figure the space they will occupy. Place them in a way that fragile items do not get crushed while loading or unloading.

Packing Tip 5: Place Items Based On Priority And Frequency Of Usage

Be it heavyweight or lightweight, make a separate list of all the items that you might need to use on a frequent basis. What all you may need in the near future, should be placed on top stacks. In most cases, these items include seasonal clothes, tools or other stock items. If you can access them easily without unloading the entire self-storage unit items, you will not disturb other items and avoid crushing them unintentionally. Also, you will get rid of the task of repacking your entire storage unit.

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Final Thoughts

Bearing these five topsy packing tips, you will surely experience complete peace of mind with self-storage units. Checkout for the various sizes available of self-storage units and then rent a one that can fit all your boxes. If you are not enough experienced with proper packing of your items, do not take the risk. Hire a professional. They offer high-grade packing boxes, bubble wraps, large-sized tapes, wrapping papers, labels, stickers and also send persons to help you pack and place your items in self-storage units.


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