business analysis

Overview of business analyst and analysis

Overview of business analyst and analysis

Why is Business Analysis Necessary?

In business problems with the requirements can cause projects to fail.  In most of the cases, the problems are caused by incorrect conducted of business analysis. Common pitfalls in Business Analysis include

Ambiguous, under-specified, unclear, impossible, contradictory business requirements

Instability of the requirements (frequent and uncontrolled changes in requirements)

A poor translation of the business needs to requirements (incomplete, inconsistent, or not measurable requirements)

Vague wording


The above issues may result in various business problems.  This business problem may lead to problems like unclear requirements, low-quality business design can lead to confusion. The main reason for neglecting the business analysis is due to time management and exclusively focused on fast results, exclusive fixation on costs and perceiving documentation

Business analysis involves the knowledge of various tools and techniques, knowledge to effectively identify all the business needs and determine the best solution to the business problem. The solution may include the development of software systems, development of software components extension of existing software and improvements of business process and changes to the organization. You can also learn on business analysis through business analyst course

What is a business analyst?

A business analyst is a person responsible for identifying all the business needs of the customer and stakeholder. Specific activities of business analyst include identifying, analyzing, developing and managing all the requirements. He also includes software development and he is responsible for process improvements of organizational changes, business analysts act as a bridge between the customer and stakeholder.

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Common objectives of the business analysis are

Collect the document requirements

Design business solution to solve all the business problem

Assist in timely completion of a project by requirement identification and analysis

To improve the efficiency by increasing the quality of requirements identification and analysis

Business analysis in a different phases of the software life cycle

Business analysis on the customer side begins as soon as the need for a new solution appears. Analysts on vendor side are usually initiated by establishing a budget, assignment, agreement, and project. For instance when the business requires functionality modification and to improve the business process. The primary step is should be an analysis of the requirements and needs. The primary phase of the project is called the analysis phase.

Analysis phase

In this phase, the project purpose of business analysis is to identify and evaluate the current business process in an organization. Gathering intial requirements for the needs of the business solution. Creating and analyzing the business case. Preparing the ideas for a business solution.

Specification phase

The next phase is the specification phase. A business analyst is responsible for identifying and documenting the business requirements in more detail. Analysts also prepare in detail system specifications like mapping, data, integration users and user interface. Business analysts can manage the requirements changes during the next phase.

Development phase

In the development phase, the task of a business analyst is to include supporting the development team during implementation. Validating the evolving solution according to needs and requirements. He should support the testers and test scripts at the business level and validate the work product. He should manage the requirement changes

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Testing phase

At the testing phase, the business analyst role is to test and verify all the test results and resolve issues related to defects or gaps in the requirements. During the test levels, ba effort should be increased and often includes in the following items. He should participate in the preparation test case for user acceptance testing and support by clarifying and answering all the questions during the execution of testers.


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