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New features for a harmonized design site

Creating a site is child’s play, but sometimes it’s a long way to publish it in all its splendor. After all, we are not all designers in the soul. Everyone has their strengths and it’s not bad!

Discover all of our psd to wordpress conversion to easily customize your site’s design: smart color palettes, image filters, and more.

Smart color palettes in line with your brand

Finding the right color combinations is not easy, especially when you do not do this every day. Hues, as well as color intensity, play a crucial role in rendering your site. Pastel or saturated tones, they transform the general atmosphere of your site.

So we’ve created smart palettes that match your brand’s colors and match the right tones for you, just like a real-life designer. The principle is simple and ingenious:

Choose a base color or download a logo or image. We then take care of the rest. Dolphin has a range of color palettes, whose intensity can be adjusted with a slider (“neutral” to “colored”).

Choose a palette to automatically match the colors of all elements, such as buttons, fonts, or background colors.

You can easily obtain a visual identity for your site in accordance with the graphic charter of your brand, without having to manually modify all your contents one by one.

3 color palettes Jimdo Dolphin

Choosing colors is one thing, but surely you also want to give a visual identity to your site. Some will opt for sleek black-and-white images on their company website and others for brightly colored photos. Whatever the atmosphere you want, our new image filters are perfect for matching all the photos on your site.

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Filters for more beautiful images

Our filters are practical to ensure the consistency of your online visual identity and the professionalism of your site. Using the same filter makes it easy to get the same rendering for all your photos, whether yours or from an image bank.

Easily harmonize the rendering of your images and those of image banks thanks to our filters.

We heard you and it shows!
We have taken your feedback in recent weeks to make some changes. For example, several photographers and artists have expressed the wish to be able to remove the colored filter on the background images. It makes perfect sense, because these professionals work a lot with filters.

Thank you very much for your comments. And as you can see, we use them to improve Dolphin. To disable the movie, delete the text and buttons in the areas of the background image. The filter will disappear automatically and your visitors will be able to admire your natural picture.

Speaking of transparency, it is now possible to make your navigation transparent to enhance your background photos.


The use of video on websites is far from a new practice but deserves a place in the top trends for 2018 because of its effectiveness. A moving image will appeal more to the user than a static image.

Original photographs

To stand out, encourage the use of photographs of your own or a professional photographer. However, if you want to use stock images, make sure you customize them to make the image your own.

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Typography will occupy a prominent place in 2020. To harmonize with the minimalist style, disproportionate typography increasingly imposing will be common. Geometric, handmade, 3D: we will see them in all forms.




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