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5 Best And Most Beautiful Destinations For This Summer

The 2019 summer season brings with it the chance to let loose and finally get around to making that trip you’ve been eagerly looking forward to all year long. If you are still brainstorming locations, consider adding the following to your consideration table:



1) London, UK
New hotels are opening up shop in England’s capital this season, which will be the venue for the Wimbledon championship that spans two weeks. The royal baby is also worthy of a visit to the busy town with Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey further making pleasant detours on a nobility adventure. In the same breath, the celebration of Queen Victoria’s two-century milestone is on the horizon as well, and an exhibition is set to present never-seen-before details of her life. Matters of the hierarchy aside, Regent’s open-air theater is one place you have to visit too. The same goes for Opera Holland Park and attending the Underbelly Festival.


Tasmania, Australia

2) Tasmania, Australia
Bordering Melbourne to the south, the scenic island of Tasmania offers you a different kind of summer. While it might time for the hot season in the northern hemisphere, it’s the exact opposite season on the other side of the globe. Highlights of Tasmania include the similarly-named critter in the Tasmanian peninsula, Tamar Valley’s wine region and the iconic beaches of the famous East Coast like the Bay of Fires. Despite the chilly weather ruling out swimming, the scintillating bay of Binalong is worth your time thanks to an alluring landscape of orange-tinged rocks.

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Hvar, Croatia


3) Hvar, Croatia
Hvar Island in the irresistible coastal country of Croatia offers you the ideal holiday escape. You can expect endless stretches of sands heaving under the weight of lovely sunshine and amazing beachside views you can stare at all day. Looking forward to après-beach parties as well and a blossoming foodie and wine culture. History-lovers will also feel right at home in Hvar thanks to its potent historical signification. The island houses the intriguing Stari Grad Museum while the medieval walls and ancient masonry holds curious pastime tales. With 297 square kilometers to explore, you should consider getting a Hvar taxi to best traverse the landmass.


New York City

4) New York City, United States
While it might seem counter-intuitive to head to an overly active cosmopolitan for vacation, summer is a treat in the “Big Apple.” You can finally live out the hype of the legendary Central Park, which has been the subject of famous sitcoms such as “Friends” and the record-breaking PS4 console game “Marvel’s Spider-man.” In addition to sampling famous neighborhoods, you’re sure to bump into festivals and shows around the park while experiencing a grandiose skyscraper showing.


French Polynesia

5) French Polynesia, South Pacific Ocean
Last year’s world cup winners have a lot to offer beyond the revered Eiffel Tower in the romantic city of Paris. Some way off France is the French Polynesia which avails a collection of scintillating islands including famous names like Bora Bora and Tahiti. The archipelago totals upwards of a century of landmasses providing coral winery, pearl farms, and enthralling lagoons for snorkelers and divers to explore. Polynesia has mainly built a reputation as a topnotch honeymoon destination which is down to its picture-perfect seas and fairytale landscapes.

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That rounds out our five pick-of-the-bunch locations for summer 2019. All of them are sure to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

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