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Methods Of Writing Intriguing Blogs

If your contents are boring, you have got the difficult road ahead. In today’s world, people don’t have time to spend on the Content Writing Agency in Delhi which they don’t enjoy reading.

Though, there are some powerful methods that you may use to make the content interesting. Read on to find out more about it.

Tell the story

Stories lead to instant activation of the brain. When the brain hears the story, it gets engaged to the neural coupling, it is a phenomenon which makes the brain actually the experience the ideas being set in the story.

Clearly, telling the story is the best way to be more interesting. Simple and short stories can be included in the write-up to make it more appealing.

Write in the first person

Writing in the first person is natural. It is the way of your talking. Never get afraid of writing as the first person for your content writing company in Delhi. The voice of the third person, in which you refer to ‘the author’  or avoid all other references to the self is awkward and dry.


Good content writers use the device which is called foreshadowing to hint what is there in the story ahead. They are not giving away the plot. Instead, they are setting up the reader for what’s going to come.

Foreshadowing helps to increase the anticipation and excitement of the story. A writer must foreshadow in the articles by previewing what they want to communicate as well as the outcome of the article.

Foreshadowing isn’t complicated than pointing in the direction where you are taking the article. It helps to keep away the boredom by promising the article direction.


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It is considered as the signal about which you are switching the directions. Most of the times, writers veer from one topic to another. The reader, unprepared for the transition falls off mentally.

The best and easiest method to create the transition for content writing company in Delhi is through the visual cues which are bulleted lists, big headlines, etc.

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However, you must also create some of the transitions in the copy itself, especially if you are gearing to make the new point. Transitions are easy, simple as well as quickest way to keep the readers engaged and interested throughout the article.

Be clear

Most of the times when the writers try to be interesting, they consider the techniques such as sparkling vocabulary or active verbs. This is not the way to be interesting.

You become the same by being clear. Clarity is about saying what you want to say, nothing more and nothing less. It is all about using the right words at the right place. It is about being simple and playing rather than fancy and it is about cutting on the stuff that distracts.

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