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Max Scherzer First 7-1 Victory against Pirates after returning back

Washington National defeated Pittsburgh Pirates in a 7-1 victory, Thursday.  Get the Cheap Washington Nationals Tickets from Bbtix and watch more interesting Washington Nationals Games.

Max Scherzer is back in the game and had no problem playing for a short outing. He also wishes to use some precaution before getting into full swing “I can’t get hurt again” he says.  And he is right to do so, especially when he is considered the ace player of Washington Nationals.

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The player had to miss out almost a month due to a strain in his upper back. The three-time Cy Young Award winner has been in the Injured List since July 26. Just recently He made his first start after being discharged from the Injured List. His first game after IL and they won the match. It sure says so much about the player if you know what I mean (He’s Lucky).

He successfully pitched 4 innings Thursday night in a Nationals win over the Pittsburgh Pirates by 7-1. I’m sure you missed Scherzer too, so here buy the Cheapest Washington Nationals Match Tickets and go see him play.

During his four inning Scherzer allowed one run and four hits, struck out three and walked one. Though he was still holding back a little, not to damage the just healed injury. He said himself he only wanted to come and play but not get too overboard. He wanted to test pitching and how well he can do it for now. Whole four innings was an impress effort on his part and he himself was very pleased.

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”I feel pretty good post-start. With this whole process of trying to learn what’s going on here, it’s a recovery,” he said.

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Nationals are yet to set a pitch count for Scherzer, however, they said they’ll be doing it soon. As for now, Scherzer threw 71 pitches, 48 for strikes. Nationals Manager Dave Martinez had a very expected view of him as well. His keen eyes didn’t miss how Scherzer was a little amiss but he said it was to be expected. Overall he was almost as he always been.

Aside from Scherzer who contributed a great deal in Washington’s win yesterday were Anthony Rendon and Howie Kendrick. Both made a homer each leading the team to NL wild-card race and 9th overall win in last 11 games.

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