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Know The Best Locations And Positions To Install Home Security Camera Systems

Installing the security cameras in your home will need proper positioning. This plays a significant role in ensuring adequate surveillance. Most of the people do not know where exactly to place the security cameras so that they will get a full view of the surrounding without having to install a large number of cameras unnecessarily.

You will be surprised to know that there are several home security camera placement software and apps that may help you in choosing the spots. Even a professional installer will know the best places. Then why should you be left behind?

Here are few specific spots to place the home Security Camera Systems Philadelphia according to home security statistics.

  • At the front door: Around 34% burglaries happen through the front door and therefore this is place where you will definitely need a security camera to be installed. Ideally, you should place the camera at second-floor level to prevent a burglar from knocking out the camera. However, if you have only one floor, protect the camera from tampering with a mesh wiring.
  • At the back door: This is another area where you will need a camera watching all the time. According to home security statistics around 22% thieves invade houses through the back door. This includes side doors as well. Once again try to keep the camera out of the reach of humans or to be broken by throwing a hard object at it.
  • Off-street windows: It is seen that around 23% of the burglars break into a home through the rear window as well because these are out of the view of the street reducing their chances of getting caught by any onlooker or passersby in a car.

You may also consider a few other places to install a security camera as around 20% of burglaries occur through these entry points as well. These areas include your garage, basement, driveways and second floor.  

Help of a diagram

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However, how many cameras you will need to secure your home is something very difficult to tell accurately. This is because it will depend on the type of security camera you choose and also on how you locate these exterior cameras.

To some extent a home security camera placement diagram may help you in getting a fair idea about it. However, when you make the diagram you will need to consider a few other points to make full preparation for a foolproof home security camera placement.

You may start with a few specific questions such as:

  • Where actually do you need to place the security cameras
  • What are the most vulnerable spots on your property
  • Do you have any obscured entrances, windows or doors
  • Are there any specific appealing areas of a break-in
  • Have you ever experienced a break-in
  • If there was a previous break-in what was the point of entry and
  • What type of security cameras do you need?

All of these questions matter a lot and the answers will surely help you to locate the best spots to install the cameras.

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