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Key features in compound bows for sale

If you are searching for the best compound bows for sale, there are a wide range of factors that you will need to consider. Let us look at the key features to look at in the compound bows for sale.

This is definitely one of the most noticeable features in a compound bar. On each side of the bowstring, there are wheels. These are available in 3 different varieties.

    • Soft cams. This makes it possible for the archer to pull back on the bowstring in a smoother and softer manner and without a lot of effort. This ensures that there is greater accuracy and minimizes the fatigue of the archer after he has fired many shots. It is also worth noting that the shooting ease will interfere with the range and power.
    • Aggressive cams. Also known as hard cams, these have more power as compared to the soft cams. These are the cams that are recommended for hunting due to the increased speed and power. It is also easier for the arrow to pierce the target.
      Single cam bows. These are different as compared to the two types that are mentioned above as they only have a single cam unlike the above that have two. There are several advantages of the single cam as compared to the double cam. One of these is that these are more likely to maintain structural integrity over a longer period of time. With double cam bows, there is a need for synchronization between the two cams while in single cam bows, this is not necessary. With constant use, wear and tear, a double cam will end up stretching and this will minimize their accuracy. This is one of the key reasons why the single cam bow doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as compared to the double cam bows. The single cam bows are also a bit quieter as compared to the double cam bows and this offers an advantage when hunting using them. The only drawback of the single cam bows in a hunting situation n is the nock of the arrow can slip vertically resulting in a less predictable angle of the shot.
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The limbs of a compound bow consist of 2 flexible arms that are able to reach the central mount of the bow to the cam that is located at the end. When it comes to compound bows the limbs have been designed in a way that they are rigid to enabler them generate a lot of resistance. These are available as either:

  • Standard limbs. Also known as solid limbs, these are usually made from a single piece of material. This means that they are usually more stiff as compared to split limbs.
  • Split limbs. These are made from 2 pieces or a single piece divided into two sections. These are usually lighter as compared to the standard limbs.

These can be categorized as deflex, reflex and inline. These 3 categories have subtle differences but it is more on where the junctions between risers and limbs are located.

Bow dimension
A key factor when choosing compound bows for sale is in the way it fits the archer in regard to strength, size, and style of shooting.

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