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Key Features That Every Conference Center Should Have

A conference center can be defined as a specialized hotel that is usually located in an area that is less busy and is mostly built to host conferences, large meetings, exhibitions, training sessions, seminars etc. The conference room may also include office facilities as well as different leisure activities. If you have any of the activities named here, you may want to seek for a conference center. In order to choose a great venue, there are several features that you need to consider.


Conference Center


The location of the event venue will determine the attendance of the participants. If the conference center is in a distant location, you may need to ensure that the facility is in a place that is accessible by air or automobiles. This is particularly important if the event will be attended by VIPs. Ensure that there is enough parking at the event. You should also ensure that there are restaurants as well as other attractions nearby to ensure pre as well as post event networking opportunities.


In case you select a venue that isn’t located within a restaurant and hotel, you need to ensure that there is ample lodging accommodation which should be in a reasonable distance from the venue. If the facility isn’t in a place where guests can walk by foot, you need to find out whether they provide shuttle service. In case they don’t provide, find out if car or taxi services are available.


Consider whether the venue reflects the image of your event. Ensure that you choose a venue that is well aligned with the kind of image that you would like to project. Consider also how appropriate the conference center is for your targeted participants. Remember to also consider what sponsors and stakeholders will think of the event. Find out form the coordinator of the venue is there will be another event on the site that will clash with the sponsor’s branding message.


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The moment you find out about the availability of the venue, find out if there are other spaces that are available. Consider whether it is the peak season of the venue or locale. This will have an impact on the traffic in the common space and may prevent guests from enjoying facilities such as VIP lounge, swimming pool and many more.

conference auditorium


In case you have any constraint on your budget, you will need to convey this from the beginning. However, if you have found a perfect fit for the event, find out if they are ready to lower the cost if you opt for a contract that goes for many years. Feel free to negotiate.


Consider the ratio of venue staff to attendees. This will help you determine if they will provide good support, wait staff, and even security for the event. Remember that you will have a lot to do on the day that the event will be happening. Find out if there is a venue co-coordinator you can talk to in case of something arising.


Ensure that you choose a venue that has all the key components that you need for your event. Some of these may include stages, microphones, and audiovisual equipment. Consider also the set-up capacity even as you consider if there are any special seating arrangements and areas for the sponsor.


Find out how easy it is to brand the venue. Do they have any signage as well as branding areas at the facility rather than just at the space of the event? Is it possible for you to use an in-house electronic marquee or even put a signage at the space of the elevator? Ask all these questions before signing a contract.

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