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Important Considerations For The Installation Of LED Flood Lights

Most people know about floodlights but LED flood lights are still new to many. They are mostly used in industrial warehouses and commercial places. They are a popular alternative to incandescent lights due to their high efficiency in term of power consumption, durability, weather resistance, safety, and cost-saving. If you want to install these amenities in your outdoors, make sure you get them from a trusted supplier or the manufacturer. The installation is a bit tricky, so call a professional to install them for you.


The power should be connected to before the installation and not after. This idea is simple. If power is connected after installation, the light might be positioned incorrectly and it may not produce the desired outcomes. Incorrect wiring can also bring issues. That’s why a professional always connects the industrial LED flood lights to a power outlet before installation to check whether it’s functioning as intended and that the wiring is alright.  

outdoor LED flood lights


The best place to mount the outdoor LED flood lights is at the corners and near the roof. Placing the lights too low wouldn’t give a better coverage. Corners are the best spots because that’s where most intruders target when they are planning a mischief.

Electric current

LED lights draw less energy and therefore the problems of circuit breaking is not a big concern. The issue comes in when multiple LED flood lights are combined with other incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs consume a lot of electric energy and they tend to overload the lighting system and might destroy it. Therefore, the incandescents must be connected to separate power outlets.


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After the installation, the area between flood light mount and the wall must be sealed. Every feature of the outdoor flood lights must be tested to ensure that they are functioning properly. Note that there is nothing much that can be done to the wiring once the installation is over.

The height

The installation of floodlights cannot be done by someone with a fear of heights. That’s why you need an experienced technician to help you. A ladder is required to access the roof and install the facility efficiently. The standard ladder is not sufficient in most cases. The best one is an extension ladder which can elongate to 20ft or more. The ladder must be safe and secured to the ground properly to prevent accidents. Sometimes, even a professional needs an extra hand to hold it at the bottom while he continues with the installation.

For more information on outdoor LED flood lights, contact an LED lighting store today.

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