Important Advises To Know Before Hair Transplant
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Important Advises To Know Before Hair Transplant

Things To Know Before Hair Transplant

Thinking of hair transplant do not panic because it involves expenditure, it would be better to have a clear picture of hair transplant. You should know about the benefits, risks involved and about the different procedures of hair transplants. It would be good if you follow the precautions given by the doctor to ensure healthy hair growth and fast recovery.

The procedure of hair transplant depends upon the experience of the surgeon, quality of work. The selection of a good surgeon should be your priority.

There are many factors to consider and evaluate before you go for a hair transplant. 85% of cases in India have been successful after getting valuable information and knowledge about hair transplants.


Surgeon’s qualification: No surgeon or physician can perform hair transplant without any special certification and training. Firstly you consider the surgeon’s qualifications to whom you go for the procedure. There should be transparency given by the surgeon.

Hair transplant methods: There are many types of methods of hair restoration. Before selecting a good clinic you should find out what type of procedures they offer. The two main treatments available are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant the surgeon will be able to give you a clear picture of the method suitable for you depending on the type of hair loss.

PORTFOLIO: You should not hesitate to ask for the portfolio of other patients and get the idea of the results you expect If the surgeon opts for different types of procedures to take a look at the other procedures. Mostly all the clinics have before and after photographs of the patients.

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COST: Naturally hair transplants are costly. FUE is time-consuming so it makes it a bit expensive. It should be noted that some clinics that charge less are good. The best clinics surely expect to be paid more. We usually save up on cheap clinics and end up paying more for a wrong transplant.

Reputed clinic: A very toughest decision but very important while choosing a clinic. Make it a point to look at the past work of the clinic, if you can interact with the other patients who had already gone for it, consultation by the surgeon. A good hair transplant clinic will be equipped with all modern facilities and have sterilized and hygienic equipment to take care of the patient for a successful hair transplant.

AGE: Hair transplant is done only after establishing the hair loss pattern. A patient of the age of 25 is initially offered medical treatment and usually is effective. The patient’s age determines the pattern of hair transplant design. A person suffering from hair loss pattern is for sure to lose hair in the non-transplanted areas.

HAIR TRANSPLANT IS PERMANENT: The transplanted hairs are permanent and long-lasting as they are taken from your donor area.

There are many precautions to be taken before hair transplant

Smoking should be stopped 2 days before the procedure.

No consumption of alcohol 3 days before the procedure.

Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, minoxidil should be avoided 4 to 5 days before the procedure.

Vitamins and mineral supplements to be avoided a week before hair transplant.

Caffeine, herbal tea, junk food also should be avoided.

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