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How to Plan a Successful Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is one of the best times in a woman’s life. Therefore, it’s worth celebrating and capturing all those precious pregnancy moments; you’ll want to preserve those memories forever. But planning a maternity photo shoot is not easy: choosing a professional photographer, picking the right maternity photo dresses, and choosing the right time for the shoot are some of the important things you’ll have to get just right. And then there are usually dozens of other things you’ll have to plan.

If you are planning a maternity photo shoot, here are some pointers that’ll help you:

Is a Professional Photographer Worth the Money?

Should you invest in a professional photographer? Should you save money and ask a friend or family member to help you? Professional photographers are expensive but typically worth the cost; consider how much experience and expertise they bring to the table. Your smartphone camera may come with excellent features, but it takes experience to know how the creative side of photography works.

Go through photographers’ social media profiles, Pinterest boards, and LinkedIn profiles to get a feel for the kinds of photography styles that are out there. After you’ve narrowed your choices, ask candidates questions about their work. Will they share digital images and printed copies of their images? Will all photos carry a watermark?

Choosing the Right Maternity Photo Dress Is Important

Pick a maternity photo dress that’s comfortable and appealing. MotherBee has some great maternity dresses; they’re the place to visit if you’re looking for various shades, cuts, and colors. Depending on the season and your style preference, you can either purchase maxi maternity dresses or midi dresses. Discuss dress and prop options with the photographer beforehand, especially if the shoot involves your partner and/or child. And if you are comfortable showing some skin, wear an oversized shirt and unbutton it around the belly.

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Choose comfortable footwear that allows your feet to breathe; you’ll want to avoid edema. Floral prints, checks, and too much color on the maternity dress may draw attention away from your belly. Avoid heavy jewelry as well.

Choose an Ideal Time for Photography

Plan a photo shoot for sometime during the seventh month of your pregnancy. This is when your pregnancy glow will shine brightest; your energy levels will be at all-time highs as well. By the seventh month, feelings of tiredness and nausea have subsided and your bump is almost fully grown. Taking maternity photos after the seventh month is not recommended because women usually feel uncomfortable and heavy around this time.

What to Remember During the Photo Shoot

Professional photographers do their best to make sure things go well, but some of the things you can do to shine bright during the photo shoot include:

  1. Drink plenty of water beforehand. After all, dehydration is difficult to conceal!
  2. Get plenty of sleep the night before the photo shoot; you’ll want to be refreshed and energetic.
  3. Involve your partner, parents, and/or siblings. Make family members a part of the experience to keep things light and fun.
  4. Practice a few poses so you don’t look uncomfortable during the photo shoot. See what flattering angles look like in the mirror. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed.

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