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How To Get Rid From Illegal Android Mobile Apps

Smartphone apps are now ruling everyone’s life. Among smartphone users, they must use at least one application on their smartphone every day. There are so many applications are available on the internet. We can get the apps for each and every one of our needs to simplify our needs.

Here we are talking about how to get rid of illegal android applications. There are so many apps are available, and not every user downloading and installing apps from play store, instead, they download from other websites too. While you downloading and installing the illegal apps on your smartphone, you may face some legal issues and those banned apps installed on your smartphone is a crime.

How to know the apps are safe to use?

Better option to identify the apps are very safe to use and legal is, just downloading the app from google play store. You can also download the app from other sites on the internet, only if those apps are listed on playstore. So, just search on playstore and the app is available, you can download from playstore or other sources.

Do Not Download Paid Apps Free On The Internet

There are paid apps available on the internet and playstore. You can only download the apps by paying the amount. You are safe to download from the playstore and the respective official websites. Do not download from free or cracked apps publishing websites. Google strictly against those websites having the cracked apps or software publishing websites. All those are against copyright. The respective owners only can publish their own product or when they sold copyright to some other third parties, you can get from there.

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Spoof app – Do not get it

Spoofing the call is the technology where you can get someone’s number and make a fake call without revealing your identity. This is very criminal offensive. You should take care of these kinds of apps. If any crime has occurred, this will be a mark that can be able to get you in jail. So get rid of such spoofing apps.

Get rid from illegal video streaming apps

There are so many apps are available to download, that provides streaming of video content that is protected by copyright or tv channels. So many apps are there providing online streaming of TV channels, where the users can watch tv channels on their smartphones. Those apps are using a loophole to stream the channels, movies, etc. but remember that it is not safe to use. They do not get any license to publish on play store since they have not rights to use other content via their apps. Some of the apps are showbox, moviebox, GROWBOX, popcorn time, videomix, etc.

How to know legal streaming apps

They are apps provide content for premium charges or having clear documentation to stream their content via the app. So chose well-known apps like hotstar, zee5 app. Jio tv app etc. these apps are giant in their field provide limited content for users for free and charge for when the users exceeds their limit. In the above, jio tv app provides free service along with jio data recharge. The users can be able to use without any fear since they have the rights to stream the channels available on their smartphone from the respective owners.

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Those legal streaming apps are available to download from google play store, and from their official websites. They require to sign in with some of the personal information like name, email address, etc. Illegal apps may never ask your personal information to use on. So make download very popular and well-known brand’s apps.

Same as music streaming apps. Only get to download popular music streaming apps.

WiFi Hacking apps:

Beware from those wifi hacking apps. WiFi Kill, androdumpper, etc are such types of apps where you are hacking wifi network of others. This is a crime and installing those kinds of apps is dangerous. Those apps even help to turn of wifi networks. Do not download these apps.

Movie Download apps:

Movies are copyrighted and the apps help to download copyrighted movies are not legal. But you can use legally streaming apps like NetFlix, jio cinema, hotstar, etc since they are providing the streaming movies online legally.

So from this article, you may know the exact idea about the legal and illegal android smartphone apps and the categories. so be careful while downloading apps.


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