How Do I Get a Complete Health Assessment Or Full Body MOT
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How Do I Get a Complete Health Assessment Or Full Body MOT

When you choose to go for a full medical Health Assessment, you are actually taking one step ahead in eliminating your disease which is yet to come. What could be a better process than having to know about your illness way before you actually count on your symptoms.

We are living in 2019 and in this world, you can get to know about your disease way before you have actually started showing some signs. A full body checkup is very much essential in order to know the actual condition of your body. The examination will be taken by a doctor or a general practitioner (GP). this examination includes the basic test of your body functioning. Under this test, the following system will be checked:

  • lung system
  • gut system
  • nerve system
  • heart system

Your doctor may recommend you for some additional examination based on your clinical requirements. In such a test, you might not know about the disease at once. The test can only bring about some abnormal features in the body which needs further diagnosis. You have to undergo some more tests to affirm the presence of abnormal cells in your body.

With modern technologies, people are getting more aware of their bodies and how they should be taking care of themselves. The most important part of medicine is clinical history and physical examination. Earlier it was very tough to work on disease and curing them was more difficult. The time when they got to know about their disease, it was way too late. Now, just with your blood samples, you can easily get hold of any suspicious thing inside your body.

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Some types of cancers are now easily detected under the microscope. You have to get through the physical examination and will be warned if you have any pre-cancerous cells in your body.

The options you get in private health assessment

You will get numerous options when you want a mid-life health MOT. some will be just the same as the NHS while others are open to more options. Starting from the cardio-respiratory fitness tests to cardiac CT, you will find varied testing schemes. Complimentary screenings are also very important when you want to know about mineral deficiencies. This is done via hair analysis.

NHS health checkup

If you’re aged 40 to 74, you should do a regular full body checkup as during these ages you are much likely to fall sick of some of the dangerous diseases. You should not wait for your first-time heart attack or stroke. Do a regular full-body health check in order to avoid the potential threats to your body. NHS appoints people aged 40-74 for a free body check-up and to those individuals who don’t already have heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease.

It’s a completely free check-up and you can identify if you have:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease
  • Stroke

The clinicians can also describe the possible signs and symptoms of dementia if you are over 65. Further tests can be conducted free of cost.

Your GP or local pharmacist can do the NHS Health Check. But keep this in mind to repeat the test every 5 years.

The importance of full-body assessment plans

Everyone has become very cautious about their health. Who wants to be sick and live their lives in utter misery. No one actually! Because of such health awareness, people are not ignoring the fact that diseases are everywhere. Even if you stay fit through your diet, there would be times when an infected air will attack you and can make you sick. You just never know!

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To avoid such harmful means of life, you need to visit your doctor and need to do a full health mot so that you and your doctor can be assured that you are safe and healthy. Consult today with your doctor regarding the full body health checkup packages at nearby Health Screening Clinic.


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