How To Get A Police Clearance Certificate Apostille In India

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued to passport holders when applying for residential status, long-term visa, employment, or immigration. It is an essential document requested by an employer or government body. The PCC ensures that you have no criminal record. There is a possibility to be asked to present a police clearance from your place of work or residence depending on the asking authority.

Apostille PCC process in India

You need to have your PCC stamped or affixed with a seal from the respective State Home Department. After this level of the PCC apostille process, the document goes to the Ministry of External Affairs and apostille from a notary public, New Delhi. This process takes about 2 to 3 working days to complete. Then, you will have to pick your apostilled police clearance certificate for submission to the relevant authorities.

Why get a police clearance certificate?

The PCC is a formal document issued by police or relevant government agencies after an application. This certificate validates that you have never committed a crime that led to your arrest or conviction. The certificate gives the body where you submit it an assurance that you have a clear background. You need to get a police clearance certificate when applying for employment, long-term visa, or immigration visa application. However, you don’t need a PCC when applying for a tourist visa or going abroad from India.

Where to pick a PCC

A police clearance certificate is issued from where your passport is released. Getting a PCC requires applying to the local passport office. However, you pick the clearance certificate from the nearest police station. This process takes some time and effort. Fortunately, you can enlist an agency offering document apostille in India for assistance with getting an apostilled police clearance certificate. This is a hassle-free and reliable solution to getting this handy certificate.

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Documents required to apply for a PCC in India

Skilled and semi-skilled workers

You can apply through a recruiting agency registered with the protectorate of Emigrants. Professional individuals with an employment contract with a foreign employer should submit copies of their original documents for scrutiny before returning. You have to submit the original old passport with a photocopy of the first and last two pages. Include any change of address with a proof of current address with the self-attested employment contract. Submit a copy of the visa translated by a certified translator if not in English.

Unskilled and women workers

When seeking a job directly abroad, unskilled workers and women submit original documents for scrutiny. A self-attested copy of your old passport with the first and last two pages for observation is required. Include the change of address with a proof of the new address. An attested employment contract by the Indian Mission from a foreign employer is required. Alternatively, you can submit a permission letter issued by the relevant Indian Mission. Include a certified translated copy of your visa if not in English.

Skilled and semi-skilled workers

When you have a job contract with a foreign employer through a recruiting agent registered by the protectorate of Emigrants, you have to understand the documents to submit. These include a self-attested copy of the old passport with the first and last two pages. Additionally, you have to submit proof of current address for a change of address.

Other documents to submit include copies of:

  • Attested demand letter
  • Original Employment contract
  • Power of attorney from the foreign employer
  • Copy of valid registration certificate from the Protectorate of Emigrants
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Family member

A family member applying for a police clearance certificate should submit a copy of the original old passport. This should include self-attested first and last pages of the passport with the ECR or Non-ECR page for observation. Additionally, you also have to submit proof of current address for a change of location. The person sponsoring your application for a PCC attestation has to submit a sponsorship declaration.

Situations that require a police clearance certificate

Every country has rules and regulations for its economic activity. For a safe economy, appropriate clearance through a PCC is mandatory for anyone wishing to conduct business abroad. You also need a PCC to get an entry visa to some countries. This safeguards the country from external attacks. For migration purposes, obtaining a police clearance certificate is ideal for a lawful migration process.
During job application, an employer might also ask for police clearance to check your criminal record. A police clearance certificate is also necessary when joining a foreign university. This certificate allows for obtaining the appropriate student visa to get admission.


Getting a police clearance certificate is essential for various situations. However, you have to understand the process of acquiring this essential document to match your various needs. Luckily, you can entrust the services of a professional agency to handle the process of getting an apostille PCC.

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