How to deal with pregnancy stretch marks
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How to deal with pregnancy stretch marks

Stretch marks are also known as striae distensae and they mainly occur during the time of pregnancy. As the name suggests, they are exactly the same which means they are the marks which appear on the skin when it gets stretched.

Stretch marks during and after pregnancy happens because the body keeps expanding rapidly and the skin is pulled very tight. These stretch marks mainly happen because the middle layer of the skin and the underlying tissues get torn because they have been stretched so tightly. Then these tears become visible on skin and it can be a bit annoying to look at. But it is said that stretch marks are not really harmful and they have no potential health risks.

But again stretch marks are not exclusive during pregnancies. They can happen when there is a rapid weight gain in the body along with excessive increase in body fat and muscle gains. But 90 percent women get their stretch marks when they are pregnant. There are a very few in numbers who get away with their pregnancy and without any stretch marks. Sometimes here genetic factor plays the trick and it is said that if mothers and sisters have faced it then one might face it too.

In most cases, the pregnancy stretch marks begin to appear when they reach their 6th and 7th months of pregnancy. They mainly appear in areas like thighs, tummy, buttocks and hips.
There are a few steps that one needs to follow in order to minimise stretch marks. But it is better that one should treat them after the baby is born.

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Massage with Oil

One can massage their hips, bust, belly and thighs with oil and it is the best way to treat the stretch marks post pregnancy. A gentle massage can always increase the blood flow and it also breaks up the scar tissue which causes those stretch marks. The oil can also give some vitamins and minerals in order to repair the skin itself. One can apply some oil on the palms and then massage them gently on the affected areas. One can do this for a minute or two and it can open up the skin pores.

Apply a specialized Cream

There are certain stretch marks special serums and body gels which are available and they have ingredients like sunflower seed oil, avocados and beeswax. One can apply them on the stretch marks on a regular basis so that it can keep the skin soft and supple. It is a good idea to apply them twice on a daily basis.

Stay hydrated to treat Stretch Marks

This is something very important because if one does not stay hydrated then the skin becomes automatically dry. One needs to drink a lot of water and this will help one to keep their skin healthy. Skin cells get ample supply of water and so they can start repairing themselves.

One can also face stretch marks early pregnancy symptom and they are also not uncommon.

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