How to buy a mattress which is good for health
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How to buy a mattress which is good for health?

Even similar looking mattresses of same size are different in many ways. One size does not fit all. There is a significant number of factors and components determining the level of comfort and support the mattress will provide. Apart from the mattress, you will also have to consider your size, weight, sleeping habits and your current health to figure out which mattress is good for health. The question is – how to choose a good mattress? We are writing this guide to help you.

Mattress types

Following are the four mattress types:

  1. Innerspring mattresses
  2. Memory Foam mattresses
  3. Latex mattresses
  4. Hybrid

Innerspring mattress

This mattress comes with steel spring coils to provide support to your body. Ask about the coil gauge before buying an innerspring mattress. Coil gauge is the thickness of the wire used for making springs. Gauge number is between 12 and 18. A mattress with lower gauge number provides firm support.  

Foam mattress

Apart from having anti-microbial and anti-dust mite properties, a foam mattress also facilitates healthier sleep. This mattress reduces pressure points. If you have breathing issues such as asthma or you have allergies, this mattress is the best for you. Newer foam mattresses eliminate heat and improves airflow. Gel memory foam mattress is ideal for individuals with arthritis or joint issues. 

Latex Mattress

Made from latex, these mattresses are also gaining popularity. Superior bounciness, comfort, breathability and responsiveness of the latex mattress bring it in the good books of sleepers. What is responsiveness of a latex mattress? It defines how quickly the mattress springs back once the pressure is applied. Latex comes from a white liquid from heavea-brasilenis (a rubber tree). Therefore, this mattress is good for sleepers who want to keep it natural. The majority of mattresses are made from latex which is a combination of synthetic and natural latex. Synthetic latex is added to increase the comfort level and longevity of the mattress. 

How to buy a mattress which is good for health 

Hybrid mattress

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A hybrid mattress endows your body with the best benefits of both foam mattress and innerspring mattress. There is a layer of foam on the top of the coils. This provides you with motion isolation.     

How to choose a good mattress based on body type?

Make comfort and spine alignment your top priority while purchasing Online Mattress in Canada.

Which Mattress is Good for Health if you are lightweight or smaller sleeper?

A soft mattress is ideal for thinner body type. You will have to bear pins and needle sensation or shoulder pain if you are sleeping on too firm mattress. You body will not sink into the mattress. Your body will not get good spine alignment. Go for less dense foam mattress.

Mattress when you are a heavy sleeper

Purchase a mattress that provides balance between firmness and softness if you weigh more than 230 pounds. Your body will sink too much if you are heavy a sleeper and your mattress is too soft. This mattress will increase spine curvature and pressure on joints and muscles. Apart from that, it will also put stress on hips and shoulders. Therefore, go for a thicker mattress with height between 12 and 13 inches. Your mattress should have high-density foam. This will provide support to stomach and side sleepers.

Mattress for tall sleepers

King size mattresses are 80 inches long. If even king size mattress fall short then you can buy a super-sized XL mattress. You can buy mattress 7 feet in length.   

Mattress for pregnant women

Pregnant women should buy a little softer foam. Hybrid mattress or a mattress with medium firmness can also serve the purpose.

Buy online mattress in Canada from an authorized store only. Comfort and proper spine alignment is must for a good sleep and better health.  

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