How Powerful Do You Actually Think Instagram Influencer Marketing Is
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How Powerful Do You Actually Think Instagram Influencer Marketing Is

How Powerful Do You Actually Think Instagram Influencer Marketing Is

Why even bother taking the task of telling the world how great you are on your shoulder when you can get someone else to work on it for you. It will also help in making an impact 1000 times better. Some of the bigger named department stores will have fashion bloggers on payroll as their target market is influenced by people they engage on a daily role. Similarly, Instagram is gaining quite popularity which forced WordPress to create some themes for the source.

They have further noticed that the purchasing behavior of people has changed. A Nielson Survey found out that only around 33% of people will trust ads while mostly 90% will trust some peer recommendations. Instagram is that place here the peer recommendations are taking place more than ever now. Instagram Influencer marketing might be that golden ticket for you that will offer businesses with access to huge pool of the potential customers. But, for that, you need to follow the right strategy first.

Exact value and meaning of IG influencer:

Just first clarify some points. Whenever you are thinking about influencer, as you actually thinking about celebrity? In case the answer is yes, then you are partly right. Celebrities are influencers but not all IG influencers will be A-listers. In fact, many of them don’t even like this chap. So, it is not a clever idea to just restrict yourself to the members of the A-list only.

  • Apart from the A-listers or the top tier IG influencers, you have macro influencers. They have built up a large IG following in their current area, which is mainly 10,000 plus.
  • Other than that, the market further has micro influencers. They are the one to have built up smaller but quite an engaging form of IG following, which is within the span of 1000 to 10,000 or even more.

For some people, it is mandatory to just focus on less celebrities and more on the other two influencer types as mentioned only. It is mainly because if you need results and not just mere pipe dreams. For some details on that, you can always head towards Gramblast for some help in this regard. Around 3% of buyers will be influenced by any celebrity endorsements in purchase decision, as per the Collective Bias Survey from 2016. As per Google, the top 25 stars from YouTube can easily attract 12 times more comments when compared to traditional celebrities.

Right now, it is quite enough to recognize that IG influencers have significant followers network and enough pull for able to sway opinion among their followers. By just engaging with these influencers in the current marketing initiatives, you can always tap right into ability to build some of the favorable sentiment right towards the people and their items.

The powerful note of the IG Influencer Marketing:

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Right from the time when the brands have started hiring celebrities for wearing their trainers, carry some of their designer’s bags or just endorse sports gear, the ultimate power of the influencer marketing has never remained quite a secret anymore. This might be the reason for you to see some David Beckham collections in your nearby H&M stores!

  • Now, the same method has hit the IG market is no big of a deal and should not come as a surprise. Everyone from the YouTube communities to the ones associated with Twitters, Snapchat and even Facebook users have dabbling in this section in recent times. For example, in the year 2016, Twitter stated that around 40% of years to have made purchase were the direct result of tweet from the influencer. There cannot be direct proof than that!
  • In some areas, it was thoroughly mentioned that 70% of the millennial consumers are thoroughly influenced by those recommendations from peers in their current buying decisions. IG is mainly a marketing vehicle which has been on that sharp upward trajectory over the past couple of years. Therefore, as a result, Hashoff clearly reports that around 91.9% of the 150k influencers will choose IG as number one platform.

With over 800 million active users, the potential is set to be made obvious. By just standing out right in the crowd, you can let your business shine through. However, it is true that the task has become tough and ever more challenging when all the smart kids on the block are marketing out of IG. That means the competition keeps on getting tougher and tougher with every passing day!

You have to define what success looks to you:

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All the best kinds of marketing strategies are often termed to be measurable in nature. You better set out some of the goals, KPIs and expectations in mind then. This step can help you to decide on not just on the influencers you can partner with but can also help you work out your way on the campaign types you can run. It will further help you to know beforehand what you might end up with the tracking. However, there are some major questions for you to consider whenever working out on the goals they you have to consider first.

  • Are you planning to just increase brand recognition in general?
  • Are you planning to expand your reach? If so then how much is your target?
  • Do you hope to simply just gain few more followers, which might end up with more engagement?
  • Do you have any hopes of increasing click-through for store traffic?
  • Is your primary aim of this influencer marketing is to just increase sales of any particular item?
  • Are you planning to get raise revenue in general? If yes, then how much?
  • Are you planning for increasing conversion rate?
  • Are you planning for raising awareness about any particular event or do you want some help making splash with startup launch?

You have to be sure of answering these questions first before stepping deep further into the lanes of Instagram influencer marketing. The steps are steep but once in it, the methods are worth taking the risk.

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