Top 5 Heritage Sites of Buddhism in India 2020

Top 5 Heritage Sites of Buddhism in India 2020

1. Bodhgaya, Bihar

There are several places in India where people like to visit which are belong to any type of religion. Bodh Gaya temple is the famous temple of Lord Buddha where most people like to reach there for their curiosity. This temple is located at the Gaya district at Bihar. This is the main temple of Lord Buddha where he taught about his spiritual education to Buddhists, people, and Hindu people. UNESCO listed the name of this temple for world best heritage sites by which people from abroad countries also like to visit this temple to know something about them.

2. Rajgir & Nalanda, Bihar

Rajgir is the best ancient city in Bihar. In this place lord Mahavira and Gautam Buddha-like to taught about their self-understanding which is great belief and education for the people of Rajgir. In this city, the great king Ashoka summited his diamond throne for lord Buddha by sacrificing all the important things related to his life. Nalanda is the great ancient city in the medieval times of Magadha city where the largest university of Vedic educations has existed by which UNESCO listed this place in world great heritage sites because of several bright students attracted by this university from different parts of countries like Tibbet, Central Asia and Korea.

3. Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh

There are several places where lord Buddha abbreviated something for enlightenment in the world by his divine powers. Sarnath is the place located at Varanasi in northwest India, where several people believe that this is the first place where Lord Buddha established the “Dharma” which means teaching about the religions of India to surroundings localities of people in ancient times. Most of people like to visit this place where they like to read spiritual books and do meditation to improve their souls on the basis of mentality. The river great change and Varuna flow nearer this place by which this place also became a holy place for Buddhists and Hindus.

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4. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi is a great place for a great step which is made by the great king Ashoka in the 3rd century to establish the Buddhism religion. Most of the people like to visit this place to know them about this setup. There are several monuments like the Ashoka pillar and the huge statues represent the establishment of great humanity. Sanchi stupa is the memorial to the wife of the great king Ashoka which is an abbreviation for the scarification of negatives of humanity.

5. The Key Monastery, Spiti valley

There several popular places in India where every year people like to Nashik of Maharashtra to Lahaul Spiti packages to feel joyful moments of their life. The key monastery is the most famous monastery were several people like to visit there with their family members and friends or office-staffs. This monastery is the place for great gurus of Buddhists where they like to teach their students for Buddhism education in which they like to organize meditation sessions, playing games and self-defense moves of Lord Buddha. Most of the people like to wander surroundings the monastery where they can see great site scenes also.


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