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HD vs Airbrush Makeup for Brides

Your search for perfect makeup starts as you decide to become a bride. Asking for suggestions from friends for the best beauty parlor and bridal makeup artist is common. Here is a break for your anxieties because there is something really important for you to know about makeup. Many makeup artists miss on this and you are ignorant of options.

Our makeup industry has progressed to the extent that it is possible to look flawless today. Today, unlike a group of ladies (probably who did your grandmother’s makeup), learned professionals are available. Tools have also changed since then. That’s why you get options to choose from in makeup too.

You may think what is HD and airbrush makeup. HD is high definition makeup which you may have normally seen. In HD makeup foundation, compact and other makeup is applied normally using brush and blender. In airbrush, makeup is sprayed that perfectly settle on your skin for a flawless look.

Both techniques have their pros and cons but you can pick any depending on some factors listed below-

Skin type– Generally all brides go for HD makeup due to commonness or desire for a natural look. As the artist can control the amount of stuff that will go on your face, HD makeup is ideal in such a case. It suits all skin type but oily skin girls have to take extra precautions. Here you can embrace airbrush makeup because it is ideal for oily skin.

Longevity- Wedding is a long day function. Your desire for long-lasting makeup may break with conventional methods. Here, the airbrush technique earns a point.

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The problem with the HD makeup is, it tends to flow from oily skin. If your wedding is in the warm season, HD makeup could be a blunder. Even the best beauty parlor in Lucknow could not help. Airbrush makeup is easy to handle and saves you from this problem.

Over makeup– The most horrible part of wedding makeup is fear of cakey look. In the airbrush method, if your makeup artist has control over quantity while spraying, this will not happen. So, the risk here is avoidable. HD, on the other hand, gives a sober and soft look that doesn’t give over or cakey look. On comparing HD and airbrush, HD took the lead but the airbrush is also fine until you are careful.

Time consumption- HD makeup takes time because you have to blend the makeup well on the face. Airbrush earns an extra point here because it takes less time when compared to HD. You just have to spray foundation, concealer, eye colors, blush, etc.

Hide flaws– We have spots, blemishes, acne all over the face but a bridal makeup artist can do wonder by hiding it on your big day. Bridal makeup in Lucknow is mostly done by an artist who prefers HD makeup because it can hide the flaws of your face. In airbrush makeup, blemishes can come out again after makeup. If you have clear skin, you don’t need to worry.

So, both the type of makeup has its pros and cons, depending on your situation you can make a decision. Before heading for makeup don’t forget to have pre-bridal services.

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