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The guide to incorporating Instagram in your blog – Tips and suggestions

Blogging and writing and sharing your opinion with the world through your virtual space is a trending pattern these days, and more and more people are trying to establish their websites and blogs for this purpose. Not only does it allow you to share your opinion about something you know about with the world but also it can become a source of income and a business if you can establish the website well and gain more and more dedicated followers. Here are some tips on how you can use your social media for the aid of promoting your blog and designing the website for the same purpose.

Instagram tab on your blog

There are options through which you can design a button which is a plugin syncing your website with your Instagram account. When you have a blog on any genre related to images and show business, you can use Instagram as a powerful tool for promoting the website. Blogs on fashion and beauty and lifestyle in particular benefit to a large extent from the Instagram promotions. Sharing the images linked to your blog on Instagram wouldhelp viewers trace back to your blog which would add to the promotional voice of the website.

Interacting with your followers

As an influencer on social media, maintaining a good relationship with your followers is essential. You can interact with your followers through the Instagram account as they comment or text you there. In this way, you can make sure that your followers feel connected to you and feel valued. At the same time, you can build a reputation for your blog, and that would attract more and more followers. Also, when there is more activity on your social media profile, you would get more attention from the right followers and exposure as well which can help in boosting the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog. Real Instagram followers would work as a boon for your blog when you are getting to connect with them.

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Make your profile public

The best way to ensure that you have enough followers for your website or blog is to keep the related social media connects public. There are different types of solution that you can get from the social media connect for your profile and if you are trying to make the most of the social media promotions for your blog, it is always best to make sure that your profiles on various social media are kept public.

It can be concluded that blogging is a profitable business as well provided you can establish your blog, and more and more people are opting for it, and Instagram is an excellent way for promoting blogs related to lifestyle and photography.

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