Google Adwords- 5 things a beginner must keep in mind
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Google Adwords- 5 things a beginner must keep in mind

Self-doubts are bound to encircle you when you don’t know the right path. If you are traveling in the same boat, this blog can provide the right direction to you.

The difference between a layman and an Adwords expert lies not in the lack of knowledge but practicality. When you are pro-active and ready for experiments, you take your observation skill to the next level only to rock. But a blind shot is not an experiment worth it. You will drive results from your experiments after you know about it.

So, here are these points that can take you to the bright side of marketing life.

  • You must know all the terminologies

Before you start, you must be aware of each term that is used in Adwords. So, better clear all the concept theoretically. If you have missed revision, here is the list-

Keywords-Combination of words to be used in the content of ads for targeting. Searchers type these combinations for search.

CPC- it is cost-per-click, i.e. it is a small fee that goes to a search engine whenever there is a click on your ad.

Ad rank- search engine page results contain many pages, wherever your ad lies in those pages decides your ad rank. Preferably, it should be in the top ten.

Quality score- It is the most important factor that decides your ad rank. It depends on the quality of your ad and various other factors.

  • Make organized campaigns

In an ad campaign, you have a campaign level and an ad group level. In the ad group, you can make many ads according to keywords.

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Now, understand it this way.

People type a variety of queries on a single subject, for instance, a cocktail dress for  party, a black dress for a cocktail party,  cocktail party dress, or just simply a party dress.

Depending on the type of keywords you have chosen, your ad will show up. If you want to show up for a refined search result, either you can go for an exact match type or choose to make a different ad for it. For instance, a black dress for a cocktail party. Now you can sense where the hierarchy will go.

At campaign level-  party dresses

Ad group- dresses for a cocktail party

Ad within an ad group- black dress

  • Don’t ignore writing ad copy

Google AdWords expert often ignores this step but you don’t have to. Copywriting has the same importance as making ads.

You have to make sure that all the keywords are present in the ad copy. Also, it should be alluring enough to bring visitors to your landing page.

  • Landing page

Many in-house marketing heads to Google Adwords consulting after rigorous attempt only to know one thing. That thing is an unoptimized landing page.

See, your job could be limited to only making ads but you have to keep a check on these things too, otherwise, it will not perform. So, tie-up with a digital marketing expert to ensure who can get your job done.

  • Use Google analytics

Google Analytics is a reality check of all your work. It may seem that you went through a lot of hardship but analytics can tell whether you need more or not.

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You can get useful insights on activity, time spent, the behavior of visitors on your website.

These were the five most important points that you must keep in your mind as a beginner. Now, you are ready for experiments and observation.

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