How to Get a Freight Quote: The Ultimate Guide
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How to Get a Freight Quote: The Ultimate Guide

In the present era of trade and commerce, the whole world has become a market place. This has made transportation an indispensable aspect of the success or failure of any category of business. Here, deciding shipment can prove to be a challenging task. Here comes the freight shipping quote into the picture!

What is freight quote/ freight shipping quote?

Freight shipping quotes tells the cost of shipment based on the details of the goods and other information about the transportation. There are businesses that determine these quotes and also help the clients to compare different shipment companies so that choosing between them becomes easier and more informed.

Determining a freight quote is very crucial for any business. For correct calculation, the client must provide accurate information otherwise it can lead to wrong calculation and the business may end up paying more than they require. To learn how to get a freight quote, go through this ultimate guide to the end.

Steps to Getting Freight Quote

These are the following three steps to get a Freight Quote.

Step 1: Deciding the type of freight provider.

There are broadly four types of freight providers.

  1. Freight Broker: They are a dedicated team of professionals with good experience. They have a connection with several carriers and find the one having the best price and service for the freight shipments of the client. They have good websites which let the frequent shippers manage their account and provide assistance to the infrequent for ones also.
  2. Online Freight Exchange: These help the businesses to choose between the different shipment options by themselves. These provide the carrier wholesale prices to the person itself who requires its service. They are helpful for such people who are aware of the shipment market and would like to choose by themselves using the available data.
  3. Independent Nationwide or Regional Carriers: They run in specific nationwide routes or a particular region. They are independent shippers and can be contacted directly.
  4. Freight Expeditors: Through this, we can get international air freight quotes and international ocean freight quotes. They provide for export and import of goods through shipment.
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Step 2: Providing detailed and accurate information about the shipment.

After analyzing different types of freight providers and selecting one to get a freight quote, the next step is to provide information. There are six types of information which the providers need to get you a quote:

  1. What is being shipped?

To know about these, three details need to be given-

  • Type of freight- It can be pallets, large multi-box loads, barrels etc.
  • Type of goods being shipped.
  • Classification of the good as per National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC).
  1. Size and weight of the shipment.

The size and weight of the shipment will help to decide the type of freight. They are:

  • LTL: Less-than-load: The majority of the space in the freight truck is not filled by the shipment.
  • FTL: Full-truck-load: All or most of the space in the truck is filled by the shipment.
  1. Information regarding special care during handling.

The extra charge gets added if any such arrangement is required.

  1. The destination of the shipment.
  2. Required delivery speed.

As per the need, it can be classified into:

  • Standard freight: The delivery may take one or two extra days.
  • Express Freight: Additional costs will be required for fast delivery. But it can be late for a day or two.
  • Guaranteed Freight: Shipment will arrive on a certain date by paying additional costs.
  1. Value of the Shipment.

This will be used to determine insurance.

The client will get the quote after providing the above-mentioned details.

Step 3: Booking the shipment.

After getting the quotes, shipment can be booked following these steps:

  1. Create a Bill of Lading (BOL).
  2. Plan loading.
  3. Meet the driver.
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Freight providers make the task of getting a freight quote very easy. But it is important to choose a competent provider to get the best results. LCLXCHANGE has proved to be one of the best in their work of providing quick and lower freight quotes. Some of the salient features of LCLXCHANGE are:

  • Instant ocean freight rates.
  • International Air Freight Rates
  • Compare international shipping rates.
  • It helps to connect directly with the freight forwarder.
  • Support Asia pacific warehousing and distribution services etc.

With the help of their constant efforts, they are helping their clients to avoid huge losses and setbacks.


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