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How to Fix No Wireless Connection issues While New Extender Setup

If there is a Red Cross (x) symbol over the WiFi icon while new extender setup, it means that no wireless connection is available. Let’s suppose you wake up in morning and get to know that Internet has gone forever. Can you tell us only one task which you would be able to perform with no WiFi? We bet you can’t. The Internet has so crept up on us that we can’t take even a single step without it. Though the scenario is too far to be true, having no WiFi connection has become very common these days.

At times, some devices also display a message saying ‘WiFi connected but no Internet’ during Netgear extender setup. In such cases, many users start a panic and call a technician to fix this issue. But these problems can easily be solved on your own with mere a few simple steps.

Here, we have come up with this tutorial to help users troubleshoot no wireless connection issues while WiFi range extender setup. Let’s get started.


  • Make sure WiFi is turned on


Some devices include a physical switch to enable or disable wireless connection. So, users just have to toggle it. On the other hand, some devices allow users to turn on or off WiFi by means of software.

In case you own a laptop, there will be a hardware switch to get the job done. Also, users can make use of the function key to do the same. As the button can flip accidentally anytime, so it’s better to check it once.

One can even turn on wireless connection by heading over to settings. Every smart device comes with this function. In case you own a Windows PC, then you have to fire up control panel and look for power settings. Once found, click on it and modify settings as per your needs.


  • Check network name and password


The name of your network is also called as SSID. Generally, this name gets saved on each device that is earlier joined it. But for whatever reason, if is not stored anymore, you’re smart gadgets like smartphone, tablet or laptop will not automatically connect to it. Mywifiext provides you with an easy way to find out SSID and password of your WiFi connection.

Check the network name that equipment is attempting to connect to and ensure that it’s the correct one as some SSIDs are not visible to all users.

In case the SSID is absolutely correct and still having no WiFi connection, then you should double check the password as it may happen that you forget the password.


  • Look into the DHCP settings


There are multiple routers which work as DHCP servers letting systems and other client devices connect to a network. It’s recommended to ensure that your adapter automatically attain settings from DHCP server. For this purpose, check the TCP/IP settings of wireless adapter. If it is not receiving an address on its own, chances are it is making use of a static IP address.

You can open command or run prompt. All you need to do is simply right-click on adapter, go to its properties, and check IPv4 or IPv6 options to verify that the equipment is gaining the desired address.


  • Reset your router to factory default settings


Despite the fact that reset and restart are two different things, both are useful to fix no wireless connection while wireless extender setup. In case your device is not powered off for a while, restart it to hose down everything that can cause problems. This is the easiest way if you are facing this issue once in a while.

Restarting process didn’t solve your problem? Well, opt for resetting. This process requires users to go to website. Once there, enter default login credentials. As reset procedure will delete all your setting changes, so consider this as a last resort.

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