Five best practices for better PPC results
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Five best practices for better PPC results

A nicely-managed ad campaign always serves a good ROI. Many brands hire PPC consultant for this job why so? As you know the brand-building offline and online are different games. There is no one-to-one interaction between you and customers in online marketing. You have to show up in searches and that’s where the role of PPC experts starts.

If you want to grab a stronghold on your brand building journey, PPC has a great role to serve in online marketing. Not only a strong presence, but you will also see improving conversions graph. For this to happen, you need to imbibe some best practices that many prestigious PPC consultants follow.

Here are the best five points that can help to improve your rank hence advertising life.

1. Improve landing page practice

The landing page happens to be the most expected place for conversions. Missing on it is no less than a blunder. You only need to ensure that the following relation is fulfilled while making a landing page.

  • Keywords in ad copy
  • Keywords in the content used
  • Keywords in description

As you noticed, the keyword is the common element that you need to ensure is the same everywhere. Someone looking for a “black dress for the cocktail party” doesn’t want to land on the landing page of “pink dress for the cocktail party”.

There are many other factors like call-to-action buttons, content, and information of a business on the landing page. If you haven’t optimized it, you must do it now.

2. Use Ad extensions

Despite, giving your best shot in writing ad copies and description, complaints about low click-through-rate remains. Ad extensions work great to improve performance; it creates an easy path for customers to reach out to what they were looking for. It could be a site link, call extension, etc.

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If you want to create a local brand image and have a brick-mortar business, like a restaurant, tailor shop, etc. you can use location extension in your ads.

There are high chances of yours to come up in featured snippet after including this practice in your ads making process.

3. Organized Ad groups

As mentioned at the beginning that organized and structured ad making practice can improve your marketing life, here is this point.

The ad campaign includes many ad copies in various ad groups, the reason being avoiding cross over in keywords. Ad copies including keywords can create conflict among themselves, that desired results may not show up to searchers.

You can avoid using many keywords in the same ad group, rather make another ad group for those. For instance, you want to make an ad for an Omni channel digital marketing agency, you may create a different set of groups for similar keywords. Well, this could be a case in the broad match and not in exact and phrase match.

4. Keywords match- choose wisely

There are four types of keyword match- broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match. In a broad match, your ad receives significant no. of the audience but could be deprived of clicks. Inexact match, visitors may convert but the number is not overwhelming.

You need to choose keywords match type according to your business. This will improve your click-through rate.

5. Geo-targeting practice

Targeting based on time, location, gender, etc. also comes in the role while doing PPC. For a better ROI or cost-cutting, you should bid according to geographic factors or location. For instance, you know various products are more used in some specific areas and not in others.

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What you need to do is find whether your product could be a hit or not based on location.

These points, if included could improve your ad performance significantly.

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