Fair and handsome instant fairness face wash

Emami’s Fair and Handsome Instant fairness Face wash have the specifically designed Acti-fair peptide TM which is great for men’s skin. This Acti-fair peptide formula is scientifically proven which makes sure that it cleanses the skin thoroughly. For removing excess oil and dirt and for getting a visibly brighter look this is a great product. It also features a turbo action skin conditioning system which ensures that the skin gets moisturized and there is not the feeling of dryness and taut. One can also get a refreshing and cooling sensation that this face wash has to offer, and this helps the user feel energized at whatever time of the day. It is suitable for men of every age. This instant fairness face wash specializes in removing dullness.

Product details:

Name and shelf life:

As you can tell from the introduction above the name of this product is fair and handsome instant fairness face wash and its shelf life is 2 years.

Texture & Fragrance:

The milky white color of the fair and handsome fairness face wash has a rich creamy texture and it has a strong masculine+methol fragrance which is loved by a lot of users.


For applying this face wash you can take a pea-sized amount and message and wash it all over your neck and face. It creates a rich lather and spreads pretty easily. It removes dirt, oil and other impurities pretty effectively from the skin pores and leaves a completely cleansed skin and can be rinsed easily with just a few splashes of water. After the use of this fairness face wash the skin feels refreshed, bright, and clean. But it is also experienced that their uses also make the skin a little dry. Due to its pea-sized usage this product can be considered for long time use.

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How to use it?

You can apply this fairness face wash once a day, you should not use this face wash multiple times as it can make your skin pretty dry. For applying this face wash please follow the above-mentioned procedure which is taking a pea-sized amount and gently rubbing it on your face for at least 20 seconds and then rinsing it off thoroughly with water.

Pros of Emami Fair and Handsome Instant Fairness Face Wash

  • It is a suitable product for college students as it is pretty affordable and not that much expensive.
  • This easily removes sebum dirt, oil, etc completely
  • Face and skin instantly looks cleaner and brighter after using this
  • If used in sufficient amount there’s no taut, dryness or stretchiness after its use
  • All the deeply embedded impurities of your skin are also removed efficiently with this face wash
  • It is easily available in almost every departmental shop in India
  • Its packaging is pretty cool and makes it easy to carry around

Cons of Emami Fair and Handsome Instant Fairness Face Wash

  • Your eyes might stink a bit when rinsing it off because of menthol
  • the skin brightening effect after the wash does not last for long
  • It contains chemicals like parabens, SLS
  • If you have dry skin then it will make your skin dryer but you can avoid it by using a sufficient amount.

Fair and handsome instant fairness face wash review

When Emami launched this product it became quite popular, and just like every curious consumer, I have also given it a try. On and all, it is a pretty good product in this price range for clearing skin and for instant fairness but those with the dry skin might need to be a bit cautious while applying as it can easily make your skin even more dryer. I personally liked the cool and refreshed feeling this face wash gives after rinsing. It is easy on your pocket and gives what it claims to offer you what else could I possibly ask for in a fairness product. You can get latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

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Fair and handsome price and availability

As already mentioned in the cons section the fair and handsome instant fairness face wash is easily available in almost every departmental store. Its 50g pack costs only 70 INR.

Fair and handsome side effects

It is a clinically tested product which is being utilized by millions of peoples all over India; it has been made with harmless constituents, which even claims to meet the requirements of international values of protection. As of right now, there is no identified or testified side effect of this product, one thing which a lot of users have said it that it makes their skin dry but that is only in the case of excessive usage, if used in sufficient amount it can be avoided easily, hence it cannot be said that this is a side effect.

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