Summer Camping Trips

Essentials For Summer Camping Trips To The Coast

Despite the faltering start to the season and its topsy-turvy weather, we can all be glad that summer is officially here with the promise of warm sun, cool drinks and fun trips to the beach.

Whether you are planning to explore the coastline of the balmy south-west or prefer the wilder northeastern shores, your camping trips need careful and meticulous organizing to ensure that you have everything you need for a great time.

Towels, Towels, Towels!
When the sun shines and the breeze is warm, there’s nothing better than cooling off in the sea or just splashing around in a rock pool. Water babies of all ages will need a decent sized beach changing towel to dry off. Remember to take more than one so that while one towel is drying there’s another ready to use.

Food And Drink
Even if you’re staying near to pubs, restaurants or cafés, no trip to the beach or countryside is complete without snacks and drinks. Water is essential to keep you properly hydrated in hot weather so always carry a bottle with you. An insulated water bottle will help keep drinks cool throughout the day. Keep all your food and drinks cool and safe in a sturdy coolbox.

Battery Operated Fan
Despite cooling sea breezes, the temperature inside a tent or campervan can still become uncomfortably warm so a small battery-operated fan would be useful to circulate some welcome cool air.

Spare Clothing
There’s nothing worse than trying to put on wet or damp clothing after rain or a soggy trip to the beach, so, have some spare socks, shoes and underwear ready. If you’re camping anywhere in the UK, then you’ll know it’s always wise to be prepared for anything the unpredictable British weather can throw at us.

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If you are planning any walking trips (even if only into town) take a waterproof hooded jacket of the type that rolls up small so it takes up less space. Take shoes that are comfortable to walk in as well as your beach flip-flops. Walking socks should be moisture-wicking wool or cotton. Remember to pack a warm cover-up for those cooler evenings.

Mozzie Repellent
Being eaten alive by biting insects can ruin a holiday and can even make you feel ill, so remember to pack an effective mosquito repellent spray. Your pharmacist can advise on the best ones for your situation and how best to use it. Some people swear by Avon’s Skin So Soft Sunscreen (in the blue bottle) as an effective mozzie zapper however there is no official clinical or scientific backing for this.

Whatever you use, though, remember to keep applying it regularly, especially after swimming. A first aid kit will come in handy for minor injuries, and you can put some cream in for if the bugs do manage to get through your protection.

Collapsible Water Carrier
You’re likely to use more water during hot weather so invest in a practical large collapsible water carrier. Not only does it take up less space when empty it will also save you from making numerous trips to the water refill point.

Canopy And Chairs
There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside enjoying good company and a cool drink but in hot weather, you need some protection from the sun. Consider taking a fold-down sun canopy along with your fold-up chairs to create a comfortable hangout space.

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And So To Bed…..
Finally, a good night’s sleep is essential if you’re to fully enjoy your days’ camping, so a comfortable sleeping bag – a lightweight one in hot weather – is vital along with a supportive pillow. For light sleepers, an eye mask can help keep out the light.

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