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Dietary Elements That You Should Eat When Having Hepatitis C

If you have hepatitis C, there is no particular diet that can be assigned by medical professionals, but they will provide you a list containing the healthy foods that you should consume along with the junks that you must avoid. Everything that you consume has a specific effect on the liver. Maintaining proper diet and carrying out routine diagnosis can ensure the healthy running and performance of your liver.

When it comes to the diagnosis or health testing of your liver, you can go through viral quantification procedures that are a part of modern molecular technologies. One such contemporary application to test HCV or hepatitis C virus is branched DNA (bDNA) technology that deals with a series of hybridization analysis. With the bDNA assay, the testing for hepatitis C virus or HCV has now become cost-effective and less labor-intensive.

After you have got your liver diagnosed and identified how well your liver is doing, it is time to adopt some healthy food habits to reduce the pressure on your liver. Here are some of the foods that you need to consume when diagnosed with hepatitis C:

Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and veggies can offer your body essential components such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, vitamin B-6 and B-12. Although fruits and vegetables have the ability to provide you the healthy range of elements, you should research the carbs present in them before eating.  



When your liver is being affected by the HCV or hepatitis C virus, consuming foods that are rich in protein becomes an absolute must. Protein-rich food products help in repairing and replacing the liver cells that were badly affected by the virus. Some of the great options in protein-rich foods include nuts, fish, chicken without the skin, seafood, soy products, and eggs. One thing that you need to bear in mind is that the daily protein consumption depends on your sex, age, and activity levels, so make sure that you consult a health expert for a protein-filled diet.

Dairy Products

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The regular consumption of dairy products can provide you with both calcium and protein. Having dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt can help you in keeping your liver healthy and secure from hepatitis C virus.


Whole Grains

Whole grains can be added to your HCV diet, owing to the fact that they are a great source of dietary fiber. With whole grains in your regular diet, you can ensure proper bowel function and lower the risk of heart problems. Make sure that your diet chart includes whole grains such as brown or wild rice, oats, buckwheat, whole wheat, and bread with sprouted whole grains and so on. When opting for whole grains, keep an eye on products that are rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, fiber, and B vitamins.  Another important consideration that you need to make in case you suffer from Celiac disease is consuming grains that are gluten-free.



Finally, going organic in your hepatitis C diet is critically important. Also, focus on the addition of lean proteins instead of beef and make sure that you add no herb or salt-seasoning in your foods. Stick to the aforementioned dietary measures and maintain the health of your liver.

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