Common Misconceptions About Car Detailing – Avoid These Fatal Mistakes
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Common Misconceptions About Car Detailing – Avoid These Fatal Mistakes

As with all topics, there are many misconceptions and falsehoods floating around about vehicle detailing.  In order to ensure your vehicle remains in the best shape possible, it is important to debunk these myths.  Learn how to properly care for one of your most important assets, your transportation.  Without cars, it would be difficult to take care of our families or earn a living.  Consider treating your vehicle to a professional detail on regular intervals to keep every inch of your car in like-new condition.

It Doesn’t Matter When You Wash Your Vehicle

You may assume it’s my car, it’s my business when I wash it.  While this is true, not every time is a good time to clean your car.  If you choose to wash your car immediately following a drive or after it has sat out in the heat of the day for a significant period of time, it will be very hot.  If you forego wisdom and wash it, anyway, be prepared for nasty spots comprised of soap reside and water.  Simply put, the heat will cause drying to occur more quickly leaving your vehicle looking a mess post-wash.  Thus, take that extra hour to allow your vehicle to cool down in the garage or shade prior to washing.

Dishwashing Liquid Is for More Than Just Dishes

While this is a good point, dishwashing liquid IS NOT, I repeat, IS NOT a good option for washing your car.  While on a surface level it may appear to do a fantastic job, dish soap is quite harsh on your vehicle’s paint.  It is tough on dirt, grease, as well as your paints clear coat.  Don’t risk the longevity of your car’s paint job; instead, be sure to purchase a quality car wash before cleaning your vehicle.

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Take Heed Washing and Detailing Are Not the Same

Many people think a simple car wash is equal to a detail which is simply not true.  While a wash is helpful, quality maintenance requires periodic full details to addresses other issues, such as waxing and thorough interior cleaning.  Allowing a professional detailing company to handle this process is a great choice for saving you time and ensuring the job is done right!

If It Looks Clean, It’s Got to Be Clean

Have you ever looked at your vehicle after it has sat out in the rain and marveled at how clean and shiny it appeared?  Remember just because the car looks clean doesn’t actually mean it is.  How clean a car appears is even impacted by its paint color.  Instead, it is important to get up close with your vehicle and gently wipe your finger across your paint.  If it feels grainy there is dirt residue that you may have missed when you cleaned it.  A properly cleaned car will be totally smooth to the touch.  This step is important as you want a fully clean vehicle before waxing to avoid larger problems.  A clay bar works great to ensure that stubborn dirt is fully removed.

It’s Only Necessary to Wash Once the Vehicle Has Become Visibly Dirty

It is a common misconception that it is fine to wait until your car looks dirty before giving it a good scrub.  Did you know that noticeable dirt and grime are typically caked-on heavily and can lead to the removal of your wax?  This in turn leaves your underlying paint vulnerable to damage.  Thus, it is important that wash your car at a regular interval to avoid larger issues.

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Avoid these fatal detailing mistakes and keep your car a showstopper for years to come!


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