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Clutch Bag- Carry Your Own Style!

Like most generic terms, the phrase ‘clutch bag’ can be used to describe a wide and beautiful range of bags. There is no precise set of dimensions or characteristics for these bags as they come in various styles and designs.

Essentially the clutch bag is a small and compact solution to many styles. It comes with various straps and chains as a holding option. However, there are larger bags, with a handle or detachable straps which are also described as ‘clutch bags’. Slim and primarily handheld are perhaps the two qualities which best define the bag.

One of the attractions of the clutch bag is its style which makes anyone looks like a diva. The very fact that whenever you hold these ladies handbag in your hand it makes your outfit looks exceptionally beautiful. It also adds up to the outfits as it works more like an accessory. These clutch bags are designed to draw the eye and make an effort in the outfit itself.  It is also a great way to stop yourself from taking your tote bag everywhere, as a result, it harms your shoulder and also you take a lot of unwanted stuff to every place you go.

Here are some of the most beautiful types of clutch bag to make your day or night amazing:

1. Quilted Tan Cruelty-Free Leather Bag:

Handcrafted in premium, cruelty-free leather, the clutch bag is a stunner through and through. It comes in a tasteful tan colour, with a quilted and vintage-look frame adding a unique charm. This is also a great option for any casual outing and everyday use.

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2. Red Dabka Zari Embroidery Silk Box Clutch:

Add a pop of colour and style to your outfit with this unique designed box clutch with a detachable clutch bag. Covered in dupion silk, it showcases exquisite dabka work, zari embroidery, glass beads and stone work. It also features a classic satin lining on the inside. This ladies bag is perfect for any gala event or traditional event. It is great to pair this up with any ethnic wear or traditional outfit.

3. Black Dabka Zari Embroidery Silk:

Showcasing unique dabka and zari embroidery motifs, this rectangular box clutch has been handcrafted in wood and dupion silk. It comes with an attached metal chain. This clutch bag defines a contemporary style in a most beautiful way.

4. Elegant Ajrakh Box Clutch:

This splendid square clutch is crafted with red and blue ajrakh cotton fabric and embellished with red pom poms. This box clutch has a stylish slasp and a detachable shoulder strap that has been crafted out of cruelty-free leather. The clutch bag is beautiful in any terms and is classic in every sense. The ladies bag is a classy bag for any casual outing.

5. Suede Envelop Clutch:

Experience the heritage of Himachal with this handcrafted suede envelop clutch. The exquisite beauties of kullu Patti and alluring tassels make this envelop clutch bag beautiful. It is important to carry a stylish clutch bag which will enhance your outfit like no other day.

These ladies bags are perfect as they do not take a lot of area to fit in and also they are perfect for these short events as you don’t carry much of stuff. They look chic and give a contemporary vibe.

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