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Choosing an SEO Friendly Domain Name: Things to Keep in Mind

When you are starting your website, an important decision that you cannot ignore is selecting an appropriate domain name. For a number of years, the SEO strategists have been responsible for devising numerous practices in order to gain high ranking on the search engines. Domain name is also an important factor, which is responsible for playing one of the most important parts in the entire SEO game. It is crucial to educate yourself as to how the selection of the domain name is capable of impacting the efforts of SEO as well as the search rankings.

Is the domain name important for SEO?

Yes, it is. If you are only looking at the domain name, it cannot be denied that you are interested in making people recognize your brand, the business, and the website. The domain name, which is SEO optimized, is responsible for informing the target audience as to what your website is all about along with the services and products that your business is offering. In this scenario, a domain name is capable of standing out more when the search result listing is considered and it is obvious that your website is going to be clicked more than usual.

If you look at the spam websites, which have the domain names like,, get-fast-likes, etc. You will understand that the spammers are responsible for purchasing the domain names, with targeted keywords, only to obtain the desired results.

Therefore, you need to understand that a domain name is responsible for impacting SEO in a great manner. Having an ideal domain name is responsible for helping a business to target the audience as well as accelerate the placement of the brand within the search engine. However, you also need to understand that it is a lot more than using only keywords. If you want the best reviews of the SEO professionals, you can go through

Ways in which a domain name is capable of impacting the SEO as well as your search ranking

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The two ways in which the domain name is capable of impacting the search rankings and the SEO is:

  • Branding
  • Keywords

Branding domains

You need to know that the domain name needs to be based on the brand. This is the only manner in which your users are going to find you, remember your brand, and share as well as identify the business online. You should be choosing a domain name when you are choosing the name for your business as well. If you have decided your business name already, ensure that you are using it as the domain name.

Using the name of the brand as the domain name is going to make sense if:

    • The name of the brand is recognized by the target audience.
  • You have started promoting your brand.
  • The name of the brand is also your name.
  • The brand is unique.
  • You are interested in making sure that the website ranks well on the search engines.

According to, 50% of the search queries are longer than 4 words.

Keyword domains

You also have the option of choosing the domain names, which consists of keywords about the products and services, which your business is offering. However, it is important to know that Google does not provide equal value to the keyword domains as it does to the brand domains.


A domain name is capable of impacting the SEO to a great extent. Ensure that you choose the SEO friendly domain names while focusing on branding.

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