5 Main Challenges In Manual Product Data Entry

Product data entry requires high accuracy, workforce, experience, and tiresome time. Due to these factors and more, companies or online brands choose outsourcing Product Data Entry Services. The outsourcing management saves a lot of company’s cost, workforce and multiple things. If you are still confused regarding outsourcing services, we have some concrete reasons to do so.

Today we are going to discuss the challenges in manual data entry that almost every organization faces if they decide to handle it on their own.

Shifting to a more capable and digitized space will consequently increase the productivity, efficiency and 100% improvement in the business.

Check out the 5 main challenges in manual product data entry that most organizations face:

Increased Error Rate

Be it Magento product data entry services or Bigcommerce products data entry services, experience and wide exposure in the market matters to handle any online store project. The in-house professionals can never have wide exposure in the market as compared to the professionals working for an outsourcing service company. The lack of training in data entry and misunderstanding between handwritten forms or comments increase the error rate. And the errors on the online store may pose adverse effects on internal operations and customer satisfaction.

Slow Turnaround Time

The data load will be different at different phases of the project and should be handled with expertise. There will be situations when the data entry expert needs to deal with complicated or heavy text, which may increase the TAT. The in-house team cannot be stretched all of sudden for a short period but when you outsource data entry services, they already have wide bandwidth to complete it. When it comes to manual data entry, the entire process requires maximum optimization.

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Increase Of Amount

During sale’s times or holiday offers, sudden increase or overflow of purchases also doubles. This sudden increment in amount also requires an equal amount of manual data entry work. This might lead to lots of mistakes.

Whereas, in case of outsourcing Bigcommerce Products Data Entry Services, the professionals along with QA and other teams handle the project with 0% error probability with high efficiency.

Less Focus On Core Business

The manual data entry by the in-house professional not only takes more time but also at the stake of core business development or growth. As most of the workforce is behind the data entry job (which is somewhat tedious and require a lot of amount of time), the lack of attention in business development starts to develop.

When the companies outsource data entry services to reputed companies like India Data Entry Services, you are assured to get high-quality data entry work, scale-able operations, dedicated project manager, optimal turnaround time, 100% error-free data, and at low price package.

Quality Control

Quality control is one of the most important aspects of the data entry process. The QA process also requires a huge amount of time, a separate team who are highly qualified and experienced, and money.

But, when you outsource data entry services to experts like India Data Entry Services, you get advanced technology and usage of the latest tools to achieve high quality and accuracy.

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