Challenges Faced While Handling Deliveries of Ready Mix Concrete
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Challenges Faced While Handling Deliveries of Ready Mix Concrete

Before we delve into the challenges that we face while handling ready mix concrete, let us learn a little bit about what ready mix concrete is. Ready-mix concrete can be defined as the concrete that is batched on delivery instead of being mixed at the site. These batches are customized according to the builder’s needs. This ready mix concrete is then delivered to the contractors in cylindrical trunks that are called as cement mixers. There are different types of ready mix concrete-like transit-mixed concrete and shrink-mixed concrete that can be used for different advantages like no premature hardening or slump loss that are caused due to transportation or placement to concrete. This type of concrete is often remixed when delivered to the site and sets quicker than the cement that is mixed only once at the site. Sometimes other materials like water and other admixtures are added to batches before the placement of cement.

The Difficulties of Delivering Ready Mix Concrete

Once the concrete is prepared in the plant, it is to be transported via trucks to the desired locations. But more often than not the delivery of the concrete mix poses several challenges like the delay in the delivery due to traffic, long-distance, time split o just plain bad routing and scheduling. These small mistakes can lead to loss of concrete. Each and every person involved in the planning and delivery process has to constantly be in sync and figure out efficient ways to deliver the concrete without much loss. You have to adjust the timing of the clients as such that neither the plant nor the construction site gets congested with too many trucks at a time.

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Factors That Raise Such Challenges in the Delivery Process

According to well-performed literature, research goes on to conclude that the distance between the plant and the site, the fleet size, weather conditions, route, skill of the crew and the condition of the road are all a major factor that could raise a challenge. Taking care that these aspects are looked into and arranged in an orderly manner reduces the risks of having an angry client or wasted product. You also have to schedule the cement mixers with certain buffers in their time slots so as to have a little flexibility in case the client wishes for some changes in the delivery times. Mindful planning can give your service an edge in this competitive market of ready mix concrete delivery. This will solve the major qualm of long hauls and delays that decrease the workability of concrete that needs to be maintained until pumping. The other issue that can be resolved is the consistency of pumping while maintaining quality.

New Approaches and Advances That Aim at Resolving Such Issues

The problem of logistics and delayed deliveries are being tended to in new ways with the help of technology. The correct tools can help you become agile and respond instantaneously to any issue. Today there are many software that can help you organize any kind of schedule. You need to identify the right software that can help you operate a transparent service that can help you to coordinate reception, planning and scheduling, execution and follow-up in real-time. You can use the software with algorithms that can help you plan your distribution amongst the plants, calculate raw material requirements beforehand and gives you the ability to reshuffle your plans.

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Making Ready Mix Concrete Sustainable for The Business

As we have observed time and again ready mixed concrete provides fast, good quality and reliable construction. Using the new methods can further cut down the operational costs by 15 percent and can save more than 50 percent of the time which is a major plus in any industry whatsoever. The direct cost comparisons might tip the scale on the other side of ready mixed concrete but when the overall economies are compared and you look at the bigger picture of how much you are saving on material, labor and time you can truly observe that it is worth facing the challenges.


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