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CBD Oil for Cats: Things You Need to Know

Cat owners show their dedication when it comes to taking care of their feline friends, by providing the highest level of care. Our pets deserve to stay healthy and happy so that they can be active and live long lives. When it comes to treatments, pets now can receive alternative methods. One alternative treatment is known as cannabis oil. The use of CBD oil is now gaining attention from pet owners across the globe. But many of them are very unsure of what CBD oil for Cats and Dogs can do. Through countless researches and studies, it has come to light that the oil provides positive results.

What Is Exactly Is CBD Oil For Cats?

CBD is known to be an abbreviation of cannabidiol, and it is said to be a specific component that is extracted from the cannabis plants. Once the extraction is done, the CBD is then transformed into oil and orally given to the cats. On certain occasions, the oil is mixed with hemp seed, avocado, palm, coconut, and olive oil, which act as a carrier oil. Cannabis contains over 100 compounds, which include the tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC.

Is It Safe For Your Cats?

This is one of the most asked questions by numerous cat owners. The CBD oil for Cats and Dogs is used for improving the quality of life of your feline friends and treats the symptoms for aliments. However, you need to know that it will not entirely cure the aliments in the process and if your kitty is dealing with something more serious, it will be a good call to take them to the vet. On the other hand, many veterinarians recommend cats owners to use CBD oil as it is very safe for the cats and do not carry any adverse side effects. Whatever might be the reason, as a pet owner it will be good for you to not decide when you are not sure of the outcome. Getting in touch with an expert regarding the CBD oil usage will be the best idea.

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Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. When cannabis plants are used for creating marijuana, it contains around 10% of THC in them. However, just like CBD, the THC is a Phyto cannabinoid, which is naturally found in the cannabis plant. The presence of THC will also depend on the type of cannabis plant they located, as some may not carry THC in them. When purchasing CBD oil for Cats and Dogs, pet owners tend to look for the oil that is available without the presence of THC. Remember, you should not provide your cats with a CBD oil that carries a high level of THC in them.

Why Is CBD Oil For Cats So Popular?

Cats owners look for safe and effective options for treatment and medications for their cats. There are numerous types of medications that will allow the cats to experience side-effects, which will react negatively towards them. Therefore, some new products and ingredients are being formulated continuously, and the unreliable and media success of CBD oil, which has provided promising results on humans and dogs, have received a good amount of popularity for its usage on cats as well. Many dog owners have provided multiple success stories regarding the CBD oil for Cats and Dogs and have declared that the oil has helped in treating different types of aliment in dogs. However, although it was showed the effectiveness and safety of dogs, there are still researches on the line for the CBD usage on cats, respectively.

Concerns and Risks of CBD Oil for Cats

Since multiple studies and researches are still being performed, despite all that the use of CBD oil is considered safe for the cats, but there are still some of the things that have not reached the surface. The usage of CBD oil on cats may not always be openly discussed with the veterinarian because of the individual state laws. Depending on its source, a CBD product may not always be legal in every state, especially if it is made from marijuana unless it is FDA approved. This is why hemp CBD oil is superior for humans and pets.

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How Does it Work?

The use of CBD oil on your cats will work similarly to that of the vitamins. When vitamin E supplements are consumed by your pets, it will help by providing benefits to the circulatory system and increases the vitamin E supply in the body. Similar to that the CBD oil works the same and helps in the process of regulating mood, sleep, pain, and is beneficial for those pets that suffer from chronic issues. It might sound foreign when you think of giving CBD oil to your pet cat, but its function and working style is just the same when your intake vitamins. Just like CBD oil has shown positive signs of its usage on humans, it will provide the same results on cats because of its same working technique.

Final Words on CBD Oil for Cats

Before you take the step of using the CBD oil for your cats, be sure to perform a good amount of research on its usage, and consult an expert. Ask other cat owners, who are using CBD oil. Look for sites that provide full information and guidance of CBD oil and its usage of cats and then think of taking the next step.

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