Cattle Breeds That produce highest milk around the world
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Cattle Breeds That Produce Highest Milk Around The World

No doubt, milk production is increasing day by day, but do you know which cattle breeds are useful to produce high quality and quantity of milk as well. Here, in this guide we are going to tell you about different types of cattle breeds that produce more milk.

Milk production is increasing day by day due to the high demand for milk and dairy products as well. These days, milk production is done with the help of milk processing plant that involves so many types of machines. With the help of milk plant, dairy farmers perform milking task thrice a day. If you do not have proper knowledge of dairy equipments or products then must contact us once, so that we can guide you properly about everything related to dairy farming and cattle breeds as well.

There are various types of cattle that produce a good quantity of milk.

Let’s have a look at these cattle breeds.

Holstein Cattle Breed

Holstein cattle breed is also known as Friesian Cattle, this cattle is well-known for high production of milk across the world. No such cattle have the ability to produce that much milk as Holstein cattle. The average milk production of Holstein cattle breed is  32,740 kg per annum.

Norwegian Red Cattle Breed

This cattle breed is also known as NRF, who produces the second largest quantity of milk. The Norwegian Red cattle produce almost 10,000 kilogram per year.

Moreover, both the cattle are available in developed countries.

Kostroma Cattle Type

Not everyone knows that this cattle has a long life of 25 years. Well, the production of milk is almost similar to Norwegian Red cattle breed, who produce almost 10,000-kilogram milk per annum.

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Brown Swiss Cattle Breed

The milk of these cattle is beneficial to make cheese and it contributes to cheese production. This cattle breed also provides 9,000-kilogram milk per year.

Swedish Red Cattle Breed

This cattle breed is also known as Swedish Red and White Cattle, also this is healthier cattle across the world. The swedish cattle breed produce near about 8000 kilograms of milk per year. In addition to this, the weight and height of this cattle are 600kg and 140 cm.

Ayrshire Cattle Breed

This cattle breed is the strongest cattle breed, who is additionally known as Dunlop Cattle. In addition to this, not everyone knows that this cattle is too simple to raise. And this Ayrshire cattle breed’s milk production is almost 7,831 kilograms each year. And the weight of this cattle is similar to Swedish red cattle such as 600 kg.

Angeln Cattle Breed

No doubt, this cattle produce 7570 kg milk per year, but this cattle is too famous and produce high-fat milk. The milk of these cattle is too useful in order to make dairy products that are loved by people.

Guernsey Cattle Breed

Well, this cattle breed produce high-quality milk than all the breeds across the world. The gross milk production of Guernsey Cattle breed is 7363 kilogram.

Milking Shorthorn Cattle

The Milking cattle breed is quite popular as dairy shorthorn cattle, and the color of this breed is red with white markings on his body. The Milking shorthorn cattle produce 7,000 kg milk each year and it has a 680-kilogram weight that is more than other cattle breeds. These types of cattle breeds are useful for a dairy farm and the growth of dairy farming.

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