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Blinds vs Curtains: Treat Your Window Right with the Best Choice

There is always a drape or covers around windows which helps in covering up the extra sunlight coming inside through it. Therefore, window blinds were discovered for use. These products are made up of vertical or horizontal slates of different hard textures and fabrics which are together held up with cords. Sometimes these window covers are manually controlled by remotes or at some places even automatically controlled. These are called with different kinds of names in various places. One of them includes honeycomb shades. These blind is used in various places like in hotel rooms or offices with large windows, in official places like banks, offices, doctor’s chamber, hospitals, and in some residential places too. The fabrics used in the slates are of various textures and durability. To name some of them: aluminium, polyester, PVC, viscose, wool, wood, leather, faux wood, vinyl, and bamboo.

What Are the Advantages of Using Window Blinds?

Blinds on the windows have always provided with certain benefits which are very effective in changing the appearance of the room a lot more beautiful than it was before. Some of the benefits provided are as followed-

  • Privacy – blinds provide the maximum kind of privacy any person wants. It does not fly as curtains under the normal fan. They provide normal light through the gaps and always get the privacy needed.
  • Regulate the amount of light – the material used in making the blinds have the ability to control the amount entering in the place. These are ideal for places like bedrooms or offices.
  • Variety – there is a variety of blind fabrics available in the market. Different fabrics have a different kind of prices. A user can buy the color, design, and fabric of the blind as convenient and match to the room. Thus, the prices range according to the fabric bought. It can be too expensive to too affordable pricing. Buyer can customize the blinds as per his or her requirements and budget.
  • Maintenance – this is a huge benefit for the window This is because it is very easy and faster to clean. A quick wash with a damp cloth is the easiest way of maintaining the cleanliness of the blinds. It does not need any difficult washing techniques. Thus, this particular advantage makes it most demanding window covers than any other drapes that are available.
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Why Is Use of Blinds Considered Better Than Curtains?

There are several differences which make window blinds better than curtains. There are several factors which provide the differences and they are as followed;

  • Blinds provide a more aesthetic look than the curtains
  • During the hot and cold weathers when curtains are failed to provide better insulation, blinds are better in use
  • Blinds can provide more privacy and security than the loose curtains
  • Blinds are easy to maintain and clean while curtains need regular washing and dry cleaning which is a high-level maintenance
  • Blinds installation is an easy task
  • Curtains take up a lot of space of the room than the blinds as they are very much stuck in the windows
  • Blinds provide a different kind of design and décor to the place which makes people believe that the place has a good interior and a lot of money has been spent on providing it such a good look

Thus, providing such differences with such pros makes window blinds as the first choice. Therefore, overall the details mentioned the main objective of using it is its easy maintenance. As nowadays there is no time for regular cleaning and therefore using blinds leads to less time wastage. They make a house looks neat and colorful. They make a place look modern and fancy. Thus, for adding spark to the old fashioned house, window blinds are considered to be the best option in present days.


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